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IACA Beauty Pageant Sparkles Once Again

By Geeta Mehrotra
November 2017
IACA Beauty Pageant Sparkles Once Again


(Left) Winners: IACA Miss Teen India Georgia 2017 - Kritika Kolla
IACA Mrs. India Georgia - Manisha Sharma
IACA Miss India Georgia 2017- Asha Udvadia. (Photo: Sumi’s Photography)

Infinite Energy Center in Duluth was glowing in glamor and glitz as Atlanta Indians attended the 2017 IACA Beauty Pageant on Sunday evening, September 24, 2017. The event is organized annually by India American Cultural Association (IACA), a nonprofit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, to select Miss India Georgia, Miss Teen India Georgia, and Mrs. India Georgia. The theme “Dream, Believe, Achieve, & Sparkle” was a journey contestants undertook to showcase their beauty, personality, presence, and talents on which they were judged.



The team: Kiran Agnihotri, Dr. Lakshmi Rao, Prem Rehman, Sonjukta Halder. and Shally Ventakesh. (Photo: Sumi’s Photography)

The program was well organized by the Beauty Pageant team consisting of director Kiran Agnihotri, codirector Dr. Lakshmi Rao, and coordinators Sonjukta Halder, Shally Venkatesh, and Prem Rahman. The team worked hard and so well together that the contestants gave them the name of “The Dream Team.” The effort of the team was not only to groom the girls for the pageant but also develop their confidence, give them an opportunity showcase their talents, connect with the Indian culture, and make friends, all in a positive and cohesive atmosphere.

Emcees of the evening Sonali Patel and Neil Banerjee managed the event professionally and kept the audiences interested and engaged. Music was compiled by Arijit Chowdhury and managed by Shyam Barmbhat. Beautiful stage set up by Sonjukta Halder was a reflection of all the hard work the team put in to make this evening a visual treat—and the support of all the parents made the atmosphere special. The audience of all age groups created the ambience of a family with grandparents, parents, children, and siblings there to encourage the participants.

Judges were Dr. Suvrat Bhargave, Dr. Sandra J. Jordan, Sadaf Farooqui, Sudakshina Mukherjee, Joyita Hegde, Prabha Raghava, Atin Majumdar, Dr. Sudeshna (Sonia) Nandi, Shaveta Jain, Surinder Bedi, and Rahim Paracha. Everyone appreciated the fact that the program started and ended on time; credit goes to the backstage team of Tanvi Gujral, Maanik Deep, Pritika Halder, and Devika Agnihotri.

The program included an American Evening Gown Walk, fun and interesting Interviews of Mrs. Contestants so that they could be judged on personality, and talent show of Teen and Miss Contestants, followed by an Indian Attire Walk. Teen contestants exhibited talents from singing, playing instruments, dancing, monologue, defense tips through Karate, and Power of Woman through Film. Miss contestants performed English and Indian singing and dancing.

The special guest appearance by Santanu Kar was a highlight; his powerful singing was further enhanced by Lakshmi Rao’s singing. Neil Banerjee introduced his beautiful partner Sonali Patel after the intermission by his soulful singing. An energetic dance was performed by young artists from Prem’s Dance Studio. The evening was graced by Indian Consul D.V. Singh who expressed his happiness watching IACA’s participation in promoting India’s culture.

Winners were crowned, received trophies and bouquets:
IACA Miss India Georgia 2017- Asha Udvadia
IACA Miss Teen India Georgia 2017 - Kritika Kolla
IACA Mrs. India Georgia - Manisha Sharma

First Runner up:
IACA Miss India Georgia 2017- Anvita Sangawar
IACA Miss Teen India Georgia 2017 - Aarni Iyer
IACA Mrs. India Georgia - Parvathi Chikyala

Second Runner up:
IACA Miss India Georgia 2017- Henna Mian
IACA Miss Teen India Georgia 2017 - Varsha Lolabattu
IACA Mrs. India Georgia - Malika Dumpala

Other awards:
Best Talent: Henna Mian
Miss Beautiful Hair: Aarya Khurana
Miss Congeniality: Aarni Iyer (Teen), and Anvita Sangawar (Ms. & Mrs.)
Miss Personality: Sonya Dannenberg (teen), and Henna Mian (Ms. & Mrs.)
Miss Photogenic Award: Varsha Lolabattu (Teen), Mrs. Manisha Sharma (Ms. & Mrs.).

Paddy Sharma, Chairperson of IACA, acknowledged the team, who worked hard to encourage the participants to be part of this event, and she thanked all, including the media and Mustafa Ajmeri for his support. She encouraged the new young members to participate in IACA events.

Best wishes to winners who will participate at national level in New York!


 Winners and runners-up. (Photo: Sumi’s Photography)

Website Bonus Feature

Photo Gallery: Sumi’s Photography

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