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Inaugural Pan IIT-Atlanta Meeting Held

June 2003
Inaugural Pan IIT-Atlanta Meeting Held

Atlanta, GA - Apr 27: Coming in the wake of the recent CBS 60 Minutes coverage on the prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), the first Pan IIT-Atlanta meet held Sunday was a roaring success. IIT-Atlanta is a group of local alumni from IIT.

"What it takes to be Successful Today" was the rallying theme that brought IITians in the surrounding areas together. The vision of Dr. Ramji Ramachandran (IIT Madras) and Manbir Khurana's (IIT Delhi) commitment made this event possible.

Vijay Thadani (IIT Delhi), CEO of NIIT and Deepak Raghavan (IIT Delhi), co-Founder, Manhattan Associates, were the distinguished speakers at the forum moderated by Sandeep Gauba, CEO of Metays Technologies, Inc.

They inspired a gathering of over 80 extremely enthusiastic IIT alumni with their straight from the gut experiences. The audience consisted of students, managers from corporate America, and many successful entrepreneurs from a pool of over 120 strong members.

Vijay struck a chord with the audience when he said that "This audience has it in its DNA what it takes to be successful!" He also challenged the group that "Given this DNA, it is your responsibility to be successful." Vijay concluded "To be successful you need to

have fun."

Deepak focused on going back to the basics by embracing lasting values and fundamental principles to be successful. "We are always watching the dots in our rear view mirror...because we were that dot once upon a time!" To maintain your current success or build on your efforts in the past, your team needs to feed on paranoia and self doubt." said Deepak.

Going forward the Pan IIT-Atlanta group plans to meet once every quarter and will focus its energies on mentoring, charitable activities and networking. If you are an IIT-ian, to become a member, please send email to.

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