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Indian-Americans Are Blessed, Says Consul General At Farewell Party

August 2005
Indian-Americans Are Blessed, Says Consul General At Farewell Party

The Georgia Indo-American Chamber Of Commerce (GIACC) hosted a farewell party for Mr. Skand Tayal, the honorable Consul General of India, on July 6, at The Palace Restaurant and Banquet Hall. The event was attended by over a 100 people, with many business and community leaders amongst them.

In an impassioned speech, Tayal said that in the course of his tenure as a diplomat for India, he had come across several different types of cultures and nations. He had seen the democratic process arising and being crushed. He talked about his term in Moscow from 1987-89 during the heady era of Gorbachev's glasnost, about his time in South Africa when he met Nelson Mandela. All throughout, he said, he had felt the fervor of good sentiments for and of Indians.

Tayal observed that Indian-Americans are blessed for being in a country that other nations aspire to be. He pronounced United States to be the society of the future. He cited social scientists who have said that this is the first universal nation of the world, and that's the strength of this country.


Commenting on Indo-US relations, he said that the basis of this partnership is the fact that both countries share the 4T's: Technological savvy, Talent, Tolerance for different cultures and Teamwork.

He cautioned that while the Indian-Americans have succeeded individually, the time has now come to make the community significant in USA. He emphasized on the teamwork rather than individual efforts. Tayal remarked that every diplomat should serve in the USA at least once in their lifetime because of its resources of opportunities, regardless of the barriers of caste and creed, majority and minority. He went on elaborating on the ?sparks of creativity' and ?nurturing creativity' that can't be seen in the other parts of the world. Looking ahead towards his appointment as Ambassador to Uzbekistan, he welcomed the change, and said that it made his life interesting.

Earlier, Paddy Sharma, former president of IACA, in her introduction of Mr. Tayal, recognized him as the most humble person she had ever met, and welcomed him on behalf of the community. Host Ani Agnihotri then acknowledged that over 35 community organizations had joined hands with GIACC that evening to honor Mr. Tayal. Tushar Sanghvi, president of IACA wished good luck to him for his demanding assignment in Uzbekistan where he will serve as Ambassador. Vir Nanda, president of The Indus Entrepreneur (TIE), highlighted Tayal's close ties with the Atlanta community. Narender Reddy, a Republican Party activist said a few words after him and honored Tayal as one of the most dignified and passionate personalities he had come across. Upendra Patel, the president of Indian American Retailer's Association, complimented the Consul General for doing a wonderful job with limited funds and resources. Radhesh Patel representing BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, thanked him for promoting unity within the community. Chand Akkineni, the founder and CEO of World Online Inc. commented that the reason everyone was all praise for Tayal was that he was very accessible to all for their needs. Many others from the audience took their turn at felicitating the Consul General. The ?vote of thanks' was given by Mr. Narsi L. Narasimhan, CEO, Paalam, Inc.

- Lopa D Chowdhury

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