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Just Natak’s “Honeymoon”

July 2005
Just Natak’s “Honeymoon”

?Just Natak', a newly formed acting group dedicated to Bengali theater had their inaugural performance with the play "Honeymoon" at the 14th Street Playhouse on June 4, 2005. The play was chosen from one of the marvels of the author, Mr. Debaki Banerjee. The group consists of ten key members, who all had a part in its formation. In Bengali, the word "natak" means "play."

For their debut performance, the director, Mr. Mitra, chose a humorous tale about mistaken identities. The show began with the choral trio, comprised of Amitava Sen, Sharmeen Omar Ahmed and Kunal Mitra. They sang an introspective Rabindranath Tagore' song, "Borisho Dhora Majhe Santiro Bari," meaning, "shower on earth, the rain of peace."


"Honeymoon" started with a newly married couple, Milon and his bride Sumita, talking to their friend Tarun, who learnt that he got a job in Moynagar, a small town in West Bengal. He hastily left his friends and went back to the village, where his friend, Naren had agreed to arrange his accommodations. When he arrived there, the landlord, Sadananda Roy, explained that the agreement for the room rental was like: ?his new bride must arrive within one month to join him.' The landlord's nosey daughter, Reshmi, completed the caste of characters. Trouble ensued when Milon and Sumita decided to enjoy their honeymoon in Moynagar. The situation brought in many pockets of humor on and often thereafter. The audience quickly lost themselves with the characters on stage and there lied the success of the performers. The humor sprinkled time to time, again and again. It seemed that the entertaining drama ended too soon. The performers received acclamation at the end.

?Just Natak's co-founder, Mr. Dipankar Mitra wanted to do something more with their prowess. It was really his idea to nucleate an ?acting troupe' that would entertain the community at the professional level. Mr. Mitra thanked the audience for their attendance and acknowledged their moral and financial support.

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