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Khabar Launches Community Directory 2004-2005

July 2004
Khabar Launches Community Directory 2004-2005

"If you want an indication of how much the local Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities have grown, look no further than the 1996 Khabar Community Directory," was the resounding endorsement in an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in February, 1996. It is the first time since then that Khabar has undertaken publication of the Directory again.

As per U.S. Census figures, the Indian community in Georgia grew 231% from 1990 to 2000. Not only does this make it the largest Asian group in the State, but it is also one of the fastest growing Indian-American communities in the nation.

"With the number of Indian-Americans as well as other South Asians in the Georgia region being around 100,000, it is important that we build tools and resources that promote communication and commerce within the community. Having served the community since 1992, Khabar has indeed proven to be a mirror to our growth, and I can't imagine a company more qualified to publish such a resource."

Besides the most extensive listing of goods and services in all categories from A to Z, the Directory will also have a wide range of resource and reference information, specific to the regional community. From calling codes for cities in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to information about consulates and embassies, a diverse amount of well thought out sections will make this a valuable year-round publication. "With 30,000 copies, our goal is to saturate our community in the Georgia region so that every individual and household that wants the Directory can have one," says Rajesh Jyotishi a founding partner. More than 17,000 copies will be mailed free to the current subscribers of the monthly magazine. Remaining copies will be available for sale at various retail locations that serve our market.

While the foremost goal of the Directory will be to serve our local community, it will nevertheless also aim for two other distinct areas. Copies of the Directory will be provided to chambers-of-commerce and libraries in Georgia ? to help the mainstream American community connect with us. Besides, portions of the Directory will be duplicated online at www.khabar.com so as to provide a worldwide audience for our regional community. As per Dr. Jagdish Sheth, author, speaker and Professor at the Charles H. Kellstadt School of Marketing at Emory University, the Khabar Community Directory will be "indispensable for those who want to reach Indian suppliers, customers, and the community at large."

Details of the Directory are available by calling Khabar at (770) 451-7666 or by email at info@khabar.com.

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