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Kruti dances round the world with its show, Bhoomi

By Sandhya Shah
August 2012
Kruti dances round the world with its show, Bhoomi

Kruti Dance Academy (KDA) presented its 17th annual dance recital at Cobb Energy and Performing Arts Center on May 27, 2012. Guru Mrs. Dina Sheth, her daughter and Artistic Director Mrs. Shemoni Parekh, and students transported the audience on a magical ride across the globe to enjoy culture-infused songs, music and creative dances. Shemoni emceed the show, in which travelers were offered a wonderful escape to India, China, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Each segment highlighted the close connections of our rich Indian culture and heritage to the global culture, linking everyone through dance!

KDA’s students showcased 33 dances, from traditional Bharatanatyam to Bollywood. Each country offered its own cultural mood, music, and dance forms: from graceful, dainty, tranquil China; to ferocious, intense, and wild Africa, which showcased the KDA version of the battle between the majestic zebra and its predator, the cheetah; to a hypnotic Bharatanatyam dance; to a North American, daring dance by some of the youngest members, maneuvering and dancing on long white tables; then on to Europe, on a train journey, listening to bagpipes and Gaelic music; and away on a magic carpet to the Middle East, where colorful belly dancers awaited with their sweeping moves and talent.


The highlights were two scintillating, complex, and highly energetic finales imaginatively choreographed by the Academy’s long-serving dance instructor, Mrs. Sissy Simmons, and the Artistic Director, Shemoni Parekh. The travelers arrived back in Atlanta, rejuvenated! The surprise element was the melodious voice of Guru Mrs. Dina Sheth with the music!

Hon. Ajit Kumar congratulated all, saying, “I have had the honor to represent India in the Middle East, in America and also in Asia, so I can understand the hard work and commitment you all have put in and I am truly amazed. I’d like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.... I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and may you all go from strength to strength. All of you.”

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