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Name Change Does Not Affect Organization's Mission

December 2002
Name Change Does Not Affect Organization's Mission

Change can drive innovation, improvement and growth. In the words of Peter Drucker, the only way to manage change is to create it. Little would we have thought that Drucker' s interpretation of change could be applied to a non-profit volunteer organization that is passionate about its cause of child development in India!

Meet Vibha (formerly CRY Inc), an eleven-year-old non-profit organization with a new name but with an unchanged vision and focus to provide a better future for underprivileged children with basic essentials such as education, clothing and food.

Vibha had been functioning in the US as CRY, Inc since 1991. The mission, to raise funds here in the US to support child development projects in India and the US, has been a phenomenal success both in the amount of money raised and in inculcating the spirit of volunteerism and creating awareness in the US of the dire need for grass root level support for under-privileged children in India.

The change from CRY Inc. to Vibha has been in the works for a little more than a year. The CRY relationship required that CRY Inc. fund projects only supported by CRY in India. With its new name as Vibha, the organization moves to the next level towards the same goal - To impact positively, the lives of as many underprivileged children as we can in India and the US!.

In the past eleven years, 30 Action Centers of Vibha in the US mobilized by some 1500 Volunteers have worked to support more than 100 projects in India, 8 projects in the US and have positively improved the future of 100,000 children by raising more than 5.5 million dollars. The volunteers, the organization structure, the innovativeness and all those ideas that made Vibha successful continue to be in place. Vibha patrons will be interacting with the same volunteer team that they have long come to know from fund raising events like the 5K Walk/Run, classical music concerts, and exciting sports events like bowling and cricket tournaments.

Vibha, the new name is apt for the causes and the commitment that it represents. 'Vibha' means inherent brilliance and radiance. It underlines the belief that every child is endowed with inherent potential and Vibha' s efforts are directed to making this brilliance and radiance shine and to give them better future. Vibha represents 'A brighter future for children'. The growth of Vibha over the last eleven years is a testament to the dedication of its volunteers and of its patrons.

To continue such work, Vibha is organizing a fundraiser, an indoor sporting event - Vibha Khel Mela 2002 on Dec 7 and 8 at the India Sports Center at the Global Mall. For details on this event visit: atlanta.vibha.org/Khel or call Andrew at 404-894-9324 or Srinivas at 678-523-8247. You may also email: vibhakhelmela@yahoo.com

Vibha can be found at www.vibha.org on the Internet.

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