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NATA & Atlanta Telugu Samskruthi host Nandi awardee

September 2019
NATA & Atlanta Telugu Samskruthi host Nandi awardee

NATA Atlanta team with the support of Atlanta Telugu Samskriti organized a literary event, Rangasthala padya/gaana vibhaavari by Nandi awardee Sri Gummadi Gopala Krishna garu on July 27, 2019 at ABC Party Hall in Suwanee.

Born in 1955 in Meduru in Krishna District, A.P, India, Gummadi Gopala Krishna took to acting from a young age. He has acted in hundreds of performances in the main roles, and has rendered direction, music, and sets in plays throughout India and abroad. With his befitting figure, high histrionic talent, musical voice, and literary understanding, he has become the front line theatre personality with tremendous talent and versatility. He is a Nandi awardee; this is the highest award for excellence in Telugu cinema, Telugu theatre, Telugu television, and lifetime achievements in Indian Cinema.

Gummadi Gopala Krishna’s roles have included mythological and historical figures from tretayugam (Lord Rama), dwaparayugam (Lord Krishna) and bhagavatham (Lord Vishnu). In this program, on his second visit to Atlanta, he included the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Satya Harischandra, and more.

Padyam is a poem or story of Telugu poetry. In Telugu drama, poetry becomes part of the action and dialogue delivery, adding a classical touch to the art. In mythological movies, communication between the kings is often with poems. Sri Gopala Krishna is the founder General Secretary of Sri Satya Sai Kala Nikethan and trains youth in Padya Natakam.



Sri Gummadi Gopala Krishna being felicitated, with Bala Reddy Indurti (L), Dr. B. K. Mohan (R), and others.

Guests enjoyed a lunch and then sat down for the 4-hour entertainment. Afterwards, numerous community representatives joined with NATA to felicitate Sri Gummadi Gopala Krishna: Anil Boddireddy (GATeS), Satya Karnati (GATA), Venky Gadde and Subba Rao Maddali (TAMA), Viju Chiluveru (Maitri), Dr. B. K. Mohan (Hindu Temple of Atlanta), Ravi Ponangi (India Tribune), Niranjan Prodduturi (GNN), and Vasantha Chivukula (Pravinya Arts Academy). NATA gave awards to Sudhir Edara for his contributions to the golf tournament (award received by Chandrasekhararao Edara), Sreenivas Kotlure, Krishna Narapalle, and Khabar magazine (plaque received by Suzanne Sen).

Rangasthalam means stage, and most of the old movie actors came from stage experience. Now slowly traditional Padya Natakam stage dramas are fading out because of not much encouragement. This program and future ones that NATA plans to hold in conjunction with other Atlanta associations such as TAMA, GATA, and GATes, will help to keep the tradition alive.

NATA Gummadi Gopalakrishna_680.jpeg

Sri Gummadi Gopala Krishna being felicitated, with Bala Reddy Indurti (on his left), Ravi Ponangi (R), and others.

Website Bonus Feature

"4 Mana Padyalu by Gummadi Gopala Krishna"
Published on May 22, 2016
Saptaparni Presents MANA PADYALU by Guumadi Gopala Krishna on Saturday the 27-October 2007 at 6-00pm at Saptaparni.

A felicitation of the artist


Core committee members Guru Paradharami, Ravi Kandimalla, Ramesh Valluri, Viju Chiluveru & Satya Karnati.
Volunteers: Venkat Mondeddu, Venkat Meesala, Dr. Dhanunjaya Gaddam, Raghu Sagili, & Krishna Narsalle.

Monetary Support from: Guru Paradharami, Srini Vangimalla, Ravi Kandimalla, Ramesh Valluri, Venkatram Chintham, Kiran Kandula, Sreenivas Kotlure & Bala Reddy Indurti.

Venkatram Reddy Chintham, Nanda Gopinath Reddy invited NATA Atlanta team and Atlanta Telugu community to attend Hon' Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Jaganmohan Reddy's Meet 'n Greet in Dallas TX.

Thanks are due to Suresh Sajja for providing delicious food. Thanks are due to Satya Reddy Karnati for providing audio support. Thanks are due to Niranjan Prodduturi for Video coverage.

Thanks are due to NATA Atlanta Team members Bala Reddy Indurti (EVP), Sreenivas Kotlure (ED), Srini Reddy Vangimalla (BOD), Ravi Kandimalla (BOD), Nanda Gopinath Reddy (BOD), Venkat Mondeddu (SC), Dr. Dhanunjaya Reddy Gaddam (SC), Venkat Meesala (RVP), Raghu Reddy Sagili (RVP), Krishna Narsapalle (RC).

Thanks are due to President Dr. Raghava Reddy Gosala, President elect Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati, Secretary Rami Reddy Alla & Treasurer Narayana Reddy Gandra for their encouragement and support.

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