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Painting, Puppet Shows and Pranayam

September 2008
Painting, Puppet Shows and Pranayam

he Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple, which usually resonates to the chant of Om and Vedic hymns, rang out the weekend of July 25-27 with the happy voices of excited children enjoying their yearly summer camp at the temple. Some 52 children ate delicious food, watched movies, enjoyed a puppet show and played sports like volleyball, badminton, soccer, tug-of-war, jump-ropes, carrom, chess, and activities with water balloons, etc.

Instructors at the camp taught the children the fundamentals of the Vedas, basic mantras and the significance of the havan process. The children also learnt to perform yogasanas and Pranayam. On the lighter side, they also painted, made pottery and learnt popular dances.

Acharya Ashish Ji of the Tapovan Ashram, Dehradun, India, taught the children methods to improve memory and concentration through Patanjali’s Aushtang Yog. In the follow-up tests, the children surprised adults by reciting up to 25 unrelated words in the same sequence as dictated to them by the teacher three to four minutes earlier.

On Sunday, the closing day, the children exhibited the talents they had learned at the camp. Awards were given in various categories — for the most congenial participant, the best natural leader, the most helpful participant, the most inspiring child, and so on. Children were also given certificates of participation, and left with a strong desire to be back at the camp next year.

The camp was conducted by a number of dedicated volunteers including Sunita Bagga, JayShree, Scott, Vijay Arora, Dhirendra and Pramila Sharma, Pramila Chandora, Abhai Chandora, Vishrut Arya, Swasti Arya, Dr. Savitha, Sasi, Savitri Chandora, and Mini Sharma.

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