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Pujari Group Marks ‘Nabo Barsho’ 2006 in Georgia

June 2006
Pujari Group Marks ‘Nabo Barsho’ 2006 in Georgia

Pujari celebrated the Bengali new year; popularly know as ‘Nabo Barsho', yet again this year amidst fun, frolic and festivities on 15th April 2006 at the Campbell Middle School in Smyrna, GA. Dressed in traditional attire, members of the extended Bengali and Indian community gathered to celebrate this occasion and to keep the rich Bengali heritage alive. The evening showcased a series of cultural extravaganzas that linked the generations to the memorable golden years of Bengali culture. The show also portrayed some of the unforgettable works of the greatest sons of Bengal – Nobel laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore and the revolutionary poet Kazi Najrul Islam through a musical medium.

The variety program was marked by songs performed by the renowned singer Shri Jnanabratha Bhattacharya who took the audience back to yester years. Olivia Dutta, Esha Mukherjee, Tania Roy and Ananya Ghose, the youngest members of Pujari, performed a dance titled ‘Megher Kole Rodh Utheche', under the able direction of Soma Dutta that captivated the audience. ‘Basant', a dance performance directed by Banhi Nandi with a classical touch was presented by Kriti Loadh, Esha Mukherjee, and Briti Nandi. The young dancers embraced the many colors of spring and left the audience asking for more. This was followed by another mesmerizing dance performance based on Najrulgeeti (by Sejuti Banik and Ananya Roy). Last but not least, a special musical quiz including interesting questions and songs based on the memorable works of the celebrated Bengali lyricist Gauri Prasanna Majumdar was conducted.

This unique program directed by Rakhi Bannerjee, enthralled the audience. The celebration was also dotted with brilliant performances by many more young and budding artists who displayed their talent. Dance by Eleena Ghosh, Sejal Bhattad, Aditi Sekhar, Priyansha Das and Reene Mukherjee, recitation and songs by Olivia Dutta, violin by Tinni Dutta and piano by Atul Lodh were other performances. Richa Sarkar's lighthearted original poetries added a smile to everyone's face.

The show concluded with a grand dinner, including some delicious Bengali dishes. A special issue of the Pujari magazine called ‘Anjali' was also published, showcasing various literary contributions made by its patrons.

The persistence and hard work of the executive committee, (Sudipto Ghose, Pabitra Bhattacharya, Prabir Nandi, Sanjay Chatterjee, Anindya Dey, Prabir Bhattacharyya, Sutapa Dutta, Soumya Kanti Das, Raja Roy (Jr), Sushanta Saha, and Prabudhha Pal) members and associates of Pujari made this event a colossal success. Highglow jewelers sponsored the event and Ms. Bharti Patel was thanked for making this event successful.

- Aradhana Bhattacharya

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