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Purbasha’s long awaited Durga Puja comes with a roar and leaves with a sigh

By Baishali Ray
November 2014
Purbasha’s long awaited Durga Puja comes with a roar and leaves with a sigh


(Left) Ladies gather after the sindoor khela ritual of playfully putting on the vermilion and praying for long and happy married lives.

Purbasha celebrated Durga Puja on October 4 and 5, 2014 in a grand way. Members gathered the day before to celebrate Sosthi and set the stage for the next day. People from Georgia and neighboring states gathered around Devi Durga to pay homage and respect. With hands folded and heads bowed, crowds gathered around "Maa Durga" as they prepared for aarti and pushpanjali. As part of the festivities, children participated in an art competition. Puja was followed by prasad distribution and lunch. The evening was topped off by a cultural program, which included entertainment from local artists, adults, and children, and featured dance, songs, piano and guitar music, and poetry.


On October 5, Purbasha celebrated Maha Navami and Dashmi Puja. There was a series of events, including pushpanjali, aarti, and sindoor khela. A splendid lunch was served. Hearts saddened as the crowds disappeared and “Maa Durga” was prepared for transport, as the long-awaited event came to an end. Members remembered the late night rehearsals and the sleepless nights that went into making the program a success. Over the two days 500+ people visited the Puja. Then they find themselves waiting until next year, when they will again gather to celebrate Durga puja. At the same time, however, there was excitement in looking forward to Kali Puja, followed by a musical night with Rajdeep Chatterjee. The cycle of Bengali life, with its magnificent rituals, continues.


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