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Radha Madhav Society’s Hindu Youth Camp

July 2014
Radha Madhav Society’s Hindu Youth Camp

This year Radha Madhav Society’s Hindu Youth Camp was held the week of June 9th as a day camp in Duluth. The theme was Ramayan. With over 60 children attending ranging from age 5 to 15, the youth camp was a tremendous success. The youths were divided into three different age groups with their own specific schedule for the week. Children enjoyed a variety of fun activities which included yoga, arts and crafts, cricket and other outdoor games, as well as choices in music lessons. The five to seven year olds learned a melody relating to Lord Ram, while the eight to eleven and twelve to sixteen year olds learned or advanced in the instrument of choice, dholak or harmonium. The week also included a Holi celebration where the kids played with not only dry powders but also with colored water and water balloons. There was a daily religion class focused on teachings of the Ramayan which introduced the children to Lord Ram, and the lesson of good over evil.


Throughout the week, children learned about Hindu beliefs and practices to help them in their daily lives. With the guidance of our founder, Siddheshvari Devi Ji, the camp teachers and volunteers encouraged the children to embrace their religion and reflect on what being a Hindu means. They also learned the elements of spirituality, and what it means to love God. Age appropriate lessons were developed and delivered by Siddheshvari Devi Ji who is a senior disciple of the world-renowned Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj.

Each day camp started with “Temple Time” which included the daily prayer and a plethora of bhajans and keertans related to the theme of Ramayan. Didi Ji has immense patience, knowledge, and experience. She has a natural way of understanding children and answered all their innocent questions each day. Very dedicated volunteers directed the children’s Ramayan dance drama. Parents were invited to attend the cultural performance followed by an evening picnic dinner that ended the week long camp.


Our guest speaker was Dr. Satish Nair of Lawrenceville, and he spoke to the children about pranayam for achieving physical fitness. These were some of the elements of healthy living that children were introduced to.

Radha Madhav Society is currently in the process of building the Radha Krishna Temple in Duluth and plans to continue to provide annual summer camp programs for children, as well as expanding to accommodate programs for the elderly in the community.

This temple and center is under construction and is expected to be enshrined with life sized deities of Radha and Krishna, and Ram and Seeta. Named YUGAL KUNJ by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, it is designed to be of service to the community and will offer a meditation hall, yoga studio, outdoor cricket and playground, nature trails, and modern classrooms.

Please visit radhamadhavsociety.org for more information about current youth camp programs and other events.

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