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Raksha hosts its fourth annual Art Show

June 2023
Raksha hosts its fourth annual Art Show

The opening night of the fourth annual Raksha Art Show at the Doraville Art Center (DART) on April 28, 2023, unveiled an incredible showcase of artwork from 23 local artists, curated from over 50 submissions received in response to the call for art around the theme “I am...”.

[Left] The artists offered varied and personal interpretations of the theme.AT_19_06_05.jpg

Dr. Melody Kelley, Sandy Spring City Councilperson (District 2), was among the approximately 150 guests who attended. 

The collection of thought-provoking artworks displayed offered opportunity for discussion and connection. Every year, the Raksha Art Show aims to create a space for creative expression and discussion of issues that affect the South Asian community. This year’s theme was an invitation to reflect on personal identity and express one’s unique qualities and experiences, while also acknowledging the diverse perspectives and experiences of others as well as the mutuality and intersections between the self and the world. And the art delivered!

[Right] Many attendees took time to admire the art on display.

This talent showcase of over 40 works of art, ranged from bold paintings, mixed media, and furniture art to illustrations. “Americana Islamica,” by Kelly Izidhar Crosby, commented on the manufactured conflict of personal identity between being American and Muslim. The bold-colored “Burden of Women,” by Rina Chakraborty, shone light on the inequity that persists between South Asian men and women as the latter prevented from fully developing their identities. Shachi Srivastava’s “I am” and “I am Shachi,” Geetaa Buttan’s “I am Innocent” and “I am Creative” explored personal identity while Dhara J. Patel’s untitled work explored the conflict of building identity within the space of the self.


Many artists came together to participate in the art show.

“I am We,” an abstract art on canvas by Taylor Smith, The Collective, depicted a fragmented and interconnected worldview shaped by their personal experiences. Nisha Gupta’s “Wrecking Love” and “SHE” was a bold call to reclaim erotic power among South Asian women. Malika Ghosh Garrett’s palette knife artworks used Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore’s verses to throw light on unjust social norms that shackle women. Tanjina Islam’s framed art celebrated themes of solitude and self-sufficiency with poetry.


Danny Simonjova’s “Enlightenment” and “Perseverance” used traditional Balinese art techniques to portray meditation and the victory of good over evil. Afreen Khundmiri’s “Stone-Faced” and “Meet Hope” were an ode to motherhood and the steady power of femininity. Monica Mittal’s artworks “I am Flying” and “I am Flow” use the dynamics of movement and flight to depict a state of being.

[Left] The art show showcased the theme of “I am . . .”.

The art collection also included Arpita Chhadda’s Madhubani motifs on a modern C-shaped accent table; Ghazal Qadri’s art frames that fused photography and illustration to tell a story of longing, belonging, and home; and Jaz McBride’s sustainable art titled “I am Chair, 1 Samuel 30:6.”

Attendees also contributed to collaborative boards in honor of Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, answering to prompt “I am...” with words like empowered, inspired, and blessed.

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