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Reach Out To Indian Americans

June 2004
Reach Out To Indian Americans

Reach Out To Indian Americans, Reddy Urges GoP Delegates

At State Convention

Republican activist Narender Reddy was invited to speak at the Georgia State Republican Party convention held on May 14 and 15 at Columbus, Georgia. On the second day of the convention, Reddy spoke about the contributions made by Indian-Americans in various fields and emphasized the need to bring the community into the Republican Party fold.

He presented the delegation with facts about the community that "immigrated from the largest Democracy to the oldest Democracy." He said the community was made up of professors, information technologists, Nobel prize winning scientists, Pulitzer prize winning authors, astronauts, presidents & CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, members of the Armed Forces, including a two- star General fighting in Iraq to protect American freedom. He added that Indian-Americans, with a median household income of over $60,00 per year, are ranked as the highest income group in this country.

"Indian-Americans do not seek special treatment or handouts. They believe in fair play and equal opportunity," he stressed, while probing into reasons why this affluent community "that has so much in common with the Republican Party's social and economic agenda," is mostly aligned with the Democrats.

"The reason is simple," he explained to the delegates. "Till recently, we, the Republicans, totally forgot about this Indian-American group. We totally ignored them. In return, they ignored us."

He said, of the $200,000 that he raised for various Republican candidates and President Bush's re-election campaign, half of the money came from his Indian-American Democrat friends.

Reddy stressed upon the need to bring the community within the Republican fold, and the means by which to achieve this goal.

"Our party leadership should focus on developing plans to reach this fast growing community. Our elected officials should participate and be more visible in the Indian-American community events," he urged.

"The next time you visit your doctor, if he or she happens to be an Indian-American, try to explain what Republicans stand for and invite him or her to join us. The next time you stop at a gas station, explain how our party supports entrepreneurs and invite that hard working business owner to join us," he said.

On the second day of the convention, Reddy was elected to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention to be held in New York from August 29 to September 2. "It is quite an honor to be elected to represent the State of Georgia at the National Convention," he said, of his election. Reddy is the first Indian-American from Georgia to attain such an honor. "I accept it as a recognition and importance the Republican Party attaches to the Indian American community," he said.

Reddy, who is currently serving as state vice-chairman for the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign was earlier selected as Presidential Elector from Georgia. The State of Georgia has 15 electoral votes in the Presidential Electoral College. Reddy's name, as Presidential Elector, will be on the Georgia State Election ballot along with President Bush's name during the Presidential election in November 2004.

Narender Reddy, a long time Republican activist has been actively involved with Republican Party activities in the state and regularly raises funds for Republican candidates. Recently he raised funds in excess of $100,000 towards the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign and attained the designation of ?Pioneer'. For his efforts, he got invited to the Bush-Cheney Pioneer Appreciation Event held at Greensboro, Georgia in first week of April and met with President Bush and Vice President Cheney there.

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