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Real Essence of Eid ul Fitr

By Attiya Ghani
August 2016
Real Essence of Eid ul Fitr

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community GA chapter celebrated Eid ul Fitr on July 6, 2016, at Baitul Ata Mosque with true spirit and enthusiasm. Eid marks the end of the month-long fasting of Ramadan and start of the feast. Eid is the day of happiness and joy and not limited to Islam. In all faiths, days of Eid are celebrated on occasions of joy.

Georgia Muslims prayed for peace in the world, as ISIS terrorists have launched attacks on both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. After leading the Eid prayers, Mr. Mehmood Ahmad spoke of how spirituality and attaining Allah’s love was a never-ending process. He said, “True Eid is when we fulfill the rights of Allah, rights of each other, and sacrifice in the way of Allah. A believer presents an Eid which makes all of us realize that our desires are to perform righteous actions which bring us closer to our Lord.”

After Eid ul Fitr we should not simply engage in consuming food and forget the lessons we learned during Ramadan, including to help the poor and feed the hungry. In this regard we should always follow the blessed model of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and his companions.

Our Holy Master Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) named faith as ‘wholeheartedness’ meaning that true faith is where a person’s heart is consumed by the delight of his faith. Thus true Eid is where a person feels joy at fulfilling the requirements of his religion and does not find any of its obligations to be a burden.

At the end, Mr. Hazeem Pudhiapura, the president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Georgia, distributed prizes among 28 kids who made sacrifices during this blessed month of Ramadan: some donated their pocket money to feed poor people around the world, some focused on prayer or visiting the sick, and some memorized holy verses as children in other religions might do in Bible school or religious camps. He led the members in silent prayer and concluded the celebration by conveying greetings of Eid Mubarak to all people gathered at the mosque and to the millions of Muslims throughout the world.

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