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Richa Bhardwaj crowned Miss India Georgia

September 2014
Richa Bhardwaj crowned Miss India Georgia

Richa Bhardwaj on left became Miss India Georgia 2014. Charenjeet on right performs at the iLink Professionals' pageant. (Photos: Hakim’s Studio)

Nights of beauty and glitz, fashion and glamour, music and dance!

On July 12, 2014, the first pageant, iLink Professionals', was held at the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech. The evening began with all the contestants performing their opening number to a dance choreographed by Benish Gilani and Zahra Jiwani. Twenty one girls then graced the stage in evening gowns. Charenjeet (CJ) took to the stage with his amazing voice to greet the girls in their Indian attire. Ten girls advanced to the finals to perform their talent and answer questions from the panel of judges.

Three winners in the iLink Professionals’ Miss India Georgia pageant will be familiar: Richa Bhardwaj had been in the Top Five at the Miss Teen India Georgia pageant 2008, and this year was named Miss Photogenic and crowned iLink’s Miss India Georgia. Pran Sharma Gangaraju was Miss India Georgia’s Congeniality & Prettiest Eyes winner 2013 and participated in the Miss India USA pageant, then was 1st Runner-up Miss India Georgia this year. Millie Bhatia has also advanced from win to win, as she was 2nd Runner-Up for Miss India Georgia 2013, then earned a place in the Top 10 in the Miss India USA pageant 2014, and now has won Best Talent and Prettiest Smile and is 2nd Runner-Up for Miss India Georgia 2014.


Winners were
Miss India Georgia – Richa Bhardwaj,
1st Runner-up – Pran (Pranathy) Sharma Gangaraju,
2nd Runner-up – Millie Bhatia,
Miss Teen India Georgia – Kali Lutera,
1st Runner-up – Pragya Banerjee,
2nd Runner-up – Ashmita Totada,
Mrs. India Georgia – Ushma Desai,
1st Runner-up – Priya Mathur,
2nd Runner-up – Anushka Singh.

The “superlative awards” were
Best Talent – Millie Bhatia,
Miss Congeniality – Suhani Vitha,
Miss Photogenic – Richa Bhardwaj,
Miss Popularity – Ushma Desai,
Prettiest Eyes – Mansi Patel,
Prettiest Smile – Millie Bhatia.




The beautiful show was under the direction of Director and Master Trainer, Sonny Molu, Assistant Director, Asma Molu and Project Manager, Anisa Daftari. Emcees were the beautiful and talented Miss Petite USA 2010, Sabrina Nooruddin, and the funny and charming standup comedian Zain Sharif. A portion of the proceeds will benefit A School Bell Rings, a nonprofit that supports education in impoverished countries. Entertainment included Prem Dance Studio, NNKB Dance Academy, Mark the Magic Man, and Charenjeet (CJ). Thanks went to clothing sponsors Bawree for the Teen contestants Indian segment and some for the Miss, and Elan Atlanta for the Mrs. India segment, to Hakim's Studio and Atin Photography, and to Digital Xpress Printing, Inc.

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Videos & Links:

Celebrity Shout Outs to Miss India Georgia 2014

Miss/Teen/Mrs. India Georgia 2014 Rehearsals

Millie Bhatia (who was also 2nd Runner-Up Miss India Georgia 2013) earned a place in the Top 10 in the Miss India USA pageant 2014.

Pran Sharma Gangaraju

Miss India Georgia -Pran Sharma Gangaraju
Published on Nov 25, 2013
Miss India-Georgian Congeniality & Prettiest Eyes 2013 Pran Sharma Gangaraju Congratulates Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri, Miss New York 2013

Miss India Georgia- Pran Sharma Gangaraju sings a Mahesh Babu's number
Published on Feb 23, 2014
Two superlative awards Miss Prettiest Eyes 2013 and Miss Congeniality 2013 are achieved by Miss. Pran Sharma Gangaraju. She also participated in Miss India Georgia 2013 to improve her exposure and she developed her self esteem and self confidence to participate in this competition.

Miss India Georgia- Parents talking about Pran Sharma Gangaraju
Published on Feb 24, 2014

Richa Bhardwaj

Charenjeet (CJ) - Singer:
WebSite: http://www.charenjeet.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charenjeet-Cj/124617952297?fref=ts
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/xoxoku?feature=mhee
A Message from Charenjeet:
A Message from Charenjeet (CJ) for Mumtaz Fashion

Mark the Magic Man
FB: https://www.facebook.com/markthemagicman

Nritya Natya Kala Bharti (NNKB)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/NrityaNatyaKalaBharti

Prem Dance Studio / Silent Killers Dance Mania
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silent-Killers-Dance-Mania/105205989521403?fref=ts

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