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Role Model

January 2005
Role Model

This is an edited version of the 1st place winning entry in the Essay competition at the Children's Day program. See article in this section for more on the program.

Role models are very important in one's life. They give us an understanding of what we want our life to be like, and they help us dream and aspire for the future. A role model can be anyone from a neighborhood kid to a famous superstar. Anyone is a role model if someone looks up to him or her as a hero or an idol. People can be role models for many number of reasons. Some are role models because of their values and others because of some great thing they have done.

I personally do not have a true role model. I believe in many different qualities and sewing them into the perfect quilt. Hence, what I want to become and do is not found in any one person. I like certain aspects of different people. In the area of athletics and strong will, I like "Spud" Webb. He is the shortest player ever to play in the NBA. He is 5' 6'' and in the NBA a short player is considered 6'! While growing up, his dream was to go to the NBA, for which he was made fun of, a lot. This never stopped him though. He went to the NBA, and on top of that, he won the slam-dunk competition in the 1986 All-Star games.

Another role model of mine is Mahatma Gandhi. He reminds me of the power of nonviolence. He was living proof that the pen is mightier than the sword. Though the British were slaughtering people, he fought back nonviolently and won freedom for the country. I also look up to Mother Teresa in the area of generosity and kindness. Though she did not have much money, whatever she did have, was given to the needier. This is a true act of selflessness which I admire greatly. I also admire all the community volunteers. They too have good selflessness. They do a lot of work and help a lot but they do not get paid. A volunteer can be anybody and I look up to these people.

There are many great people who have done admirable things and I hope to have all these people's good qualities. Some have affected the world and some have affected our community at home; but either way they have good qualities. In the future I hope to take these people's qualities and put together a very good life with great qualities of all my role models.

Mahesh Subramanian, Age: 14

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