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Ruhee Gadhia and Roshni Devlia crowned at IACA beauty pageant

August 2007
Ruhee Gadhia and Roshni Devlia crowned at IACA beauty pageant

Talent, grace, beauty and intelligence laid the agenda for 2007's Miss India Georgia and Miss Teen India Georgia pageant. Held on July 14th at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center, the show comprised of 16 beautiful ladies displaying their exquisite outfits and various talents.

The evening began with a dance by all the participants set to a medley of songs which included ‘Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu', ‘Main Albeli', ‘Salaam-E-Ishk', ‘Halla Re', and ‘Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom.' Following the dance was an opening speech by Dr. Gauranga Banik, the president of IACA. Consequently, he welcomed the two hosts for the evening - Dr. Suvrat Bhargave, and the bewitching Parijat Chandra. The judges were Chandler Sharma, Indrani Dattagupta, Noureen Premji, Vandana Sharma and Kanchana Raman.

The participants went through arduous dance practices, voice modulation lessons, make-up lessons and much more in over three months of grueling practice. Choreographed by Meghna Nagarajan, a former pageant winner, the walks and the formations for the evening were splendid. The first segment, the evening gown walk, was judged on the basis of posture, walk, eye contact, choice of outfit, and presence on stage. All the young ladies exhibited charm, propriety and confidence in this segment.

As a transition to the talent segment, the Silent Killers sent the audience in an uproar with their extraordinary performance to the songs of Dhoom 2. The talent segment comprised of a wide variety of acts which included a scene from the movie, Mera Naam Joker, a magic show, a classical dance performance and various fusion and Bollywood dance performances. Nirvi Shah presented a collaboration of different styles of dance with acrobatics which was well received. Piyasa Paul, a skillful Kathak dancer, impressed the audience with her sense of rhythm and infallible footwork. Nirvi and Piyasa tied and went on to winning the Best Talent Act for the evening.

Another dazzling performance by the Silent Killers included the very famous song ‘Rang De Basanti.' Following the performance, the ladies were back on stage for the Indian Outfit Walk segment. By this round it was evident who was going to make it to the final round. While the judges were tabulating the scores, Nritya Natya Kala Bharti gave a superb performance to a medley of songs including ‘Piya Tose', ‘Salaam' and ‘Barso Re Megha.'

Amulya Mandava, Suprina Patel, Ruhee Gadhia, Farina Irani and Bijal Patel were named the top 5 contestants from the Miss Teen India Georgia. Consequently, Sana Ali, Roshni Devlia, Nisha Palvia, Nirvi Shah and Piyasa Paul were selected as the top 5 for the Miss India Georgia segment. The contestants were asked complex questions which each one of them answered with grace and elegance.

In the Miss Teen India Georgia segment, Suprina Patel was the second runner up, Farina Irani was the first runner up and Ruhee Gadhia won the crown of Miss Teen India Georgia 2007. The Miss India Georgia 2007 crown was presented to the gorgeous Roshni Devlia while Nisha Palvia was the first runner up and Nirvi Shah was the second runner up. Other Pageant winners named were Sana Ali for Miss Beautiful Smile, Rita Tiwari for Miss Congeniality and Roshni Devlia for Ms. Photogenic.������������

Sponsored by Global mall, Texas Sari Sapne, Veeraj, Bhindi Jewelers, Cherians International Groceries, Udipi Caf� and many more, the pageant was a success. Despite a few minor hitches which consisted of unbalanced sound effects, delayed schedule, and malfunctioning microphones, the show continued to entertain the audience because of the eye catching and captivating performance of all the contestants.

~ Supriya Shridharan

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