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SAPHA hosts Chai & Chat at Atlanta’s Omni Hotel

By Viren Mayani
December 2017
SAPHA hosts Chai & Chat at Atlanta’s Omni Hotel


Durgesh Das (on right) accepts a plaque from SAPHA recognizing VIBHA Atlanta as a Community Champion for outstanding service to the community.

A champion of public health, with a proven track-record during her time as the health promotion program manager for the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, Dr. Nazeera Dawood is no stranger to the South Asian community of Atlanta. Through her various forays such as a spirited run for a public office in Fulton County, as well as her ongoing engagement of the community on public health issues, she has naturally worked herself to the title of President of the Southeastern chapter of SAPHA (South Asian Public Health Association). She hosted a conference room full of people on November 5, 2017, at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at the CNN Center, to discuss a slew of health issues with a diverse panel of speakers: from committed young activists to seasoned veterans.



(Left) Some of the 12 SAPHA Board members: Arnab Mukherjea (Past President), Samira Khan, Nazeera Dawood (President), Memoona Hasnain (President Elect), Shipra Singh, and Yousra Yusuf.









(At right) Guest speaker Tom Mathews (left) with moderator Dr. Nazeera Dawood (right), President of South Asian Public Health Association.

After chai and snacks came the chat! Nazeera introduced the first guest speaker, Tom Mathews, Founder and CEO of WealthWave. “Healthcare,” she said, “encompasses a lot more than just caring to being healthy. It also includes fiscal health, mental health, and social health.” With that perfect segue, Tom Mathews gave a potent presentation, shocking the eyelids off the guests, about the state of Medicare and Social Security, and how long it takes people today to save enough for retirement. Considering the almost negligible rate of interest on savings, it is mandatory for all to learn how to multiply wealth to create savings for themselves as well as to leave a legacy.




(Left) An enlightening panel discussion on South Asian American health and political engagement: Chandan Hebbale, Aisha Yaqoob, Prof. Jagdish Sheth, Dr. Nazeera Dawood, Aparna Bhattacharya, Prof. Memoona Hasnain, and Dr. Sreeni Gangasani.

Next came a panel with Marketing Professor Jagdish Sheth of Emory, cardiologist Dr. Sreeni Gangasani, Aisha Yaqoob - Policy Director with Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Aparna Bhattacharya – Executive Director of Raksha, Professor Memoona Hasnain of University of Illinois and President Elect of SAPHA, and Chandan Hebbale – a Georgia Tech graduate.

Each expressed their opinions on various categories of health and social issues, including policy updates and mandates which are controversial. Interesting among them was Dr. Sheth’s newly coined term “Time Poverty,” which he says is very disruptive and causes a pessimistic outlook for society in the near future. He suggests that the family today has lost the olden charm of doing things together and celebrating life, and in contrast, is a heavy user of digital technology but living in the same household as roommates. Even within the home, people text each other and prefer being isolated with their gadgets, enjoying their “space” versus being together, communicating in person, and living and loving life, cohesively and with tolerance. Families do not have time for one another and get together only over dinner, if that. Many are in isolation for most of the day. This is disruptive, kills the sense of belonging, and will be society’s fall in the near future.

Other topics included legislative discrimination, understanding of the power of voting, standing up to represent the communities in the electoral process to bring about changes, social and mental health issues, language barriers, and much more.


Members of the Gandhi Foundation.

SAPHA honored various organizations that are serving the communities. SAPHA Community Champions included Vibha Atlanta, TiE Atlanta, The Gandhi Foundation of USA, TAMA Free Clinic, South Asian Bar Association, Sewa International, Raksha Inc, Noor Family Services, Indian Friends of Atlanta (IFA), Indian American Cultural Association, Child Rights & You (CRY) Atlanta, BAPS Charities, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, and the Aga Khan Council.


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was honored.

Clearly, much was discussed, and changes will take time. However, if we do not rise up and begin the fixes now, then the South Asian communities have much to lose. Having such dialogues and raising awareness is the path Dr. Nazeera Dawood has chosen. She feels confident that if each one of us takes a small step towards responding to “why not?”, then the solution for most issues is not too far away, not out of reach!


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