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Seminar on awareness of diabetes, and its links with heart attack, kidney failure

February 2024
Seminar on awareness of diabetes, and its links with heart attack, kidney failure

The National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA), in collaboration with the Senior Citizens Program (SCP), organized a meaningful seminar focusing on diabetes awareness on December 10 at Ashiana Banquet Hall. The event drew a large audience, particularly from the senior community, who commended the seminar as an invaluable educational experience in understanding diabetes.

Esteemed physicians, who are leaders in their respective fields, explained the nuances of the disease. Attendees gained insights into diabetes prevention strategies, healthy lifestyle choices, and the latest advancements in diabetes management. As many eminent physicians provided personal stories of triumph over diabetes, their motivational speeches provided valuable perspectives on living with diabetes.

The Diabetes Awareness featured informative sessions by renowned healthcare professionals Dr. Darshana Vyas, Dr. Ketan Goswani, Dr. Niraj Sharma, Dr. Biren Joshi, Parul Shah, and other engaging activities designed to educate attendees about the importance of diabetes prevention, management, and overall well-being.

Speaking on the topic “Diabetes and You,” the seminar shed light on the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), particularly among individuals of the Indian subcontinent. It featured insights from experts in other medical fields as well. The next speaker, Dr. Niraj Sharma, a cardiologist, offered valuab1le information on cardiology in relation to diabetes. He emphasized the importance of proactive measures in managing heart health for diabetic patients. He added, “heart disease is notably prevalent among individuals with South Asian, particularly Indian, ancestry. This group experiences a higher frequency of heart attacks, and these incidents tend to occur at a younger age. To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to adopt a balanced approach to health. This includes engaging in moderate exercise for at least five days a week, adhering to a healthy diet, and maintaining a positive lifestyle, which encompasses avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol in moderation. Regular cholesterol monitoring is advisable for all adults.”


(Left to Right) Dr. Ketan Goswami, Endocrinologist; Dr. Niraj Sharma, Cardiologist; Dr. Biren Joshi,
Nephrologist; Parul Shah, Nutritionist; Dr. Darshana Vyas, Chair of the session; and Raj
Razdan, Convener.

Dr. Biren Joshi, a nephrologist, discussed the crucial link between diabetes and kidney disease. He stressed the importance of early detection, urging patients to seek specialized care in the early stages to mitigate the progression of kidney disease. He remarked, “Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease in the U.S. Most patients with diabetes don’t have any symptoms of kidney disease till they are in Stage 3 and Stage 4 of Chronic Kidney Disease when their kidney function is between 15 percent to 60 percent. When the patient is in Stage 3 kidney disease, it is very important to see a kidney specialist who can manage to slow down further worsening of kidney disease- which can be achieved by good control of blood sugar and blood pressure. A patient needs detailed education about different options when kidney functions drops to 30 percent, such as kidney transplant and various types of dialysis.”

Dr. Vyas then invited Parul Shah, a nutritionist who has expertise in clinical dietetics. Her emphasis on healthy eating habits and her non-dieting approach to nutrition were well received.

The seminar, encompassing a wealth of medical expertise and practical advice, provided attendees with comprehensive insights into diabetes care, fostering a better understanding of proactive measures and management techniques. “Together, we can empower our community to lead healthier, happier lives,” remarked Razdan.

—Raj Razdan, photographs by Vinod Karia and Nikki Dedani/Kelly

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