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South Asian Library building provides attractive space for unique undertaking

March 2016
South Asian Library building provides attractive space for unique undertaking


(Left) Dr. Saibaba Arcot and Ramzan Virani introduce the concept of the South Asian Public Library and its programs.
(Photos: Suzanne Sen)


A winter day in an unheated concrete building was no deterrent for supporters of the South Asian Public Library project who gathered on Sunday, February 7, 2016 to view the chosen location, hear more details of the plans, and express their support.

Ramzan Virani of Atlanta Event Hall is spearheading the project. Beginning with the entertainment business to refresh and lift our spirits, with music and arts that are vital to the inner life of human beings, he has expanded his efforts into helping people in practical ways with health fairs and job and education fairs through his nonprofit, Guiding Force of Atlanta. While a good education gives so many gifts, education does not stop with school. Those who have had a good education are apt to be lifelong learners and appreciate access to resources. Many have not been able to have the education they desire and need access to resources. Second-generation South Asians may need coaching in their heritage languages and help to support their learning about their history. All of these needs and more are well answered by a library, which can hold a wealth of literature, history, language, culture, and library materials that can touch every aspect of life.


(Left) Raja Ghale speaks for Nepali supporters.





Nasir Sayani explains Pakistani support for education.







Nizar Chhatriwala speaks about languages.


This South Asian Library, the first of its kind, is planned to support all the South Asian communities of the area, beginning with materials in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Nepali, Bhutani, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and more. Classes are planned for South Asian languages and for Spanish, since the US has 41 million native Spanish speakers plus 11 million who are bilingual, making it the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country, and therefore making it useful for Americans of all backgrounds to learn Spanish. Computer classes for seniors and yoga classes are also planned. A long-term goal is to digitize the library, making it a resource for all and not just for the Atlanta area.


Dr. G. Muralidhar Rao, Asif Razaak, Mayank Shah, Narendra Shah, Nizar Chhatriwala, Ramzan Virani, and Dr. Saibaba Arcot outside the attractive building.

SAsLibrary_Ground Floor380.jpg

The ground floor.

SAsLibrary_second Floor380.jpg

The second floor.

The chosen site is conveniently located at 4151 Steve Reynolds Boulevard, Norcross, near Beaver Ruin and I-85 and easily accessible in the NE quadrant outside the Atlanta perimeter. The two-story building is spacious and attractive with ample parking, large windows, downstairs areas for library materials and for senior activities, computer rooms, meeting rooms, and more.

Registration is free until 3/31 at www.southasianpubliclibrary.org



Supporters Asif Razaak, Mayank Shah, Nizar Chhatriwala, Dr. Saibaba Arcot, Ramzan Virani, Anjali Chhabria, Narendra Shah, and Dr. G. Muralidhar Rao. (Photo: Suzanne Sen)


[The article above appears only on the website for March 2016, not in the March print/digital issues.]

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