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The 2018 IACA Beauty Pageant

October 2018
The 2018 IACA Beauty Pageant



(Left) Title winners, Miss Teen India Georgia Tanvi Gujral,
Miss India Georgia Rati Sarkar, and
Mrs India Georgia Sarika Datta. (Photos: Moonlight Media)

This year’s IACA Beauty Pageant was held on August 25, 2018 in a glamorous setting at Roswell Cultural Arts Center, in front of a full house. IACA organizes this popular event every year to select Miss Teen India Georgia, Miss India Georgia and Mrs India Georgia. Winners go on to participate in the national Miss India USA Pageant held in New York.



IACA Pag_Team_KA,SH,PR,SV,LR 1116_680.JPG

The team: Kiran Agnihotri, Sonjukta Halder, Prem Rahman, Shally Venkatesh, and Dr. Lakshmi Rao.

The elegant show was organized by the Beauty Pageant team, lovingly called the “Dream Team” by the contestants. The team consisted of Kiran Agnihotri, Dr. Lakshmi Rao, Sonjukta Halder, Shally Venkatesh, and Prem Rahman, and the young volunteer group of Pritika Halder, Manik Deep, Devika Agnihotri, and Mallika Halder.

The effort of the team was not only to groom the girls for the pageant but also to develop their confidence, give them an opportunity to showcase their talents, connect with the Indian culture, and make friends, all in a positive and cohesive atmosphere.

Dr. Suvrat Bhargave and his wife Kali Bhargave were emcees, managing the event professionally and keeping the audience interested and engaged. Music for the pageant was compiled and managed by Arijit Chowdhury. Photography and videography was by Moonlight Media.

Judges for the evening were Nadiya Damani, Mayumi Cole, Shermyn Malani, Uma Murlidhar, Atin Majumdar, Rani Singh, Vicki Rama, Karishma Kamdar, Susan Hunter, Ron Corbin, Grace Puri, and Sarah Ali.

The program included American Evening Gown Walk, and a talent round for the Teen and Miss contestants. There was no talent round for the Mrs. contestants, who were given the opportunity to speak on one of the following topics: the #MeToo movement, Health and Fitness, and Women Empowerment. The Teen and Miss contestants exhibited talents such as singing, playing instruments, dancing, and monologues. Mrs. Contestants wowed the audience with their powerful views on the topics of their choice. This was followed by a beautiful and colorful Indian Attire Walk. The top five finalists participated in the Q/A round.

Winners of the evening were :
IACA Miss Teen India Georgia – Tanvi Gujral
First Runner Up – Aishwarya Vallem
Second Runner Up – Jiya Malbari

IACA Miss India Georgia – Rati Sarkar
First Runner Up – Sparsha Pearl Eddu
Second Runner Up – Muskaan Ashwini Bhukhanwala

IACA Mrs India Georgia – Sarika Datta
First Runner Up – Divya Subramanya
Second Runner Up – Arti Jain

Ms. Photogenic: Teen – Jiya Malbari, Miss – Muskaan Bhukhanwala, Mrs – Divya Subramanya
Miss Personality: Tanvi Gujral
Miss Congeniality: Teen – Tanvi Gujral, Miss – Muskaan Bhukhanwala, Mrs – Sarika Datta
Miss Beautiful Hair: Aarya Khurana
Best Talent: Rati Sarkar
People’s Choice Award: Aishwarya Vallem.

IACA Pageant_9 crowns_1123_680.JPG

Muskaan Bhukhanwala, Sparsha Pearl Eddu, Jiya Malbari, Aishwarya Vallem, Teen winner Tanvi Gujral, Miss winner Rati Sarkar, Aarti Jain, Divya Subramanya, and Mrs winner Sarika Datta.

Special guest appearance by Atlanta idol winner Rahul Nana, with his beautiful singing was another highlight of the evening, which was further enhanced by well-choreographed high energy dance performances by Prem’s Dance Studio and Planet U Performing Arts.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Paddy Sharma, Chairperson of IACA, who acknowledged the hard work of Pageant team, all the participants, parents, sponsors, and audience who made this event a success. Special thanks were given to Grand Sponsors for the event: the 27th Investments, Mr. &Mrs. Gill, and Malani Jewelers.


IACA Pag_Title winners Tanvi Gujral, Rati Sarkar, Sarika Datta_1112_680.jpg

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2018 IACA Beauty Pageant Promo Video


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