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Visit Nepal in 2020!

By Geeta Mehrotra
December 2019
Visit Nepal in 2020!


(Left) Nepalese children stand in front of the banner at the inaugural ceremony for "Visit Nepal 2020" in Atlanta. (Photo: Ms. Bidhya Gurang)

“Visit Nepal 2020” is the theme the government of Nepal has adopted to draw two million tourists to Nepal in 2020. An inaugural ceremony to promote this outreach program was organized in Atlanta by the Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) and the Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG) at Himalayan Spice restaurant on Saturday evening, November 9, 2019.

Special guests were Nepal’s Minister for Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, Honorable Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, his wife Indira Phuyal, and Georgia Senators Steve Henson (D, District 41) and Sheikh Rahman (D, District 5).

Visit Nepal 2020_flyer_680.jpg

After a traditional welcome by five young girls, lighting of the diya by the Hon. Minister Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, and the national anthems of Nepal and USA sung by young Nepalese children, the president of NAG, K. C. Kumar, welcomed all.

Nepal is a peace-loving country, he began. It is not only a tourist destination, it is a place of pilgrimage for many, since Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, is there. It has the highest peak in the world, the majestic Mount Everest, abode of Lord Shiva. The festivals of Nepal, the religious parades, and the food are aspects of its fascinating culture.

Visit Nepal 2020 - Ads_680.jpg

A powerpoint presentation showcased steps that Nepal has taken to promote awareness in mainstream America. Raja Ghale, former president of NASeA, coordinator of Visit Nepal 2020, and Tourism Ambassador to Atlanta, explained that large attractive promotional posters have been installed at four different road crossings in Atlanta—to “attract millions of eyes,” he said proudly. An autumn festival, world kite festival, and Nepal parade day have also been increasing awareness, he added. Promotional material is available, and NAG’s founding president Ram Parajuli encouraged everyone to be involved and display Visit Nepal 2020 material in their businesses.

NASeA’s President Binaya Aryal requested everyone to add the logo of Visit Nepal Year 2020 to their individual Facebook profile pictures, and to add wording to their email signatures : NASeA promotes “Visit Nepal Year 2020’ www.nepalvisit2020.com. Of course, Dr. Rama Chandra Baral encouraged everyone to visit Nepal in 2020!

“Nepal is ready to welcome you,” announced former president of NASeA, Sanjeeb Sapkota, who recently returned from there. He updated the gathering about development taking place to welcome tourists. Excellent aviation and hospitality arrangements are made. Jungle safari and trekking are popular among European tourists, but the rest of the world could be more aware; he is optimistic that encouraging two million visitors will bring Nepal better opportunities.




State Senator Steve Henson receives a poster and “Visit Nepal 2020” materials. (Photo: Ms. Bidhya Gurang)

Senator Steve Henson will support the effort by displaying a poster in his office and is open to developing Nepal-Georgia tourism. Senator Sheikh Rahman shared that he has visited Nepal and was looking forward to visiting again in 2020; he will work with Senator Henson to support this significant outreach by Nepal’s government. They were each felicitated and presented with a Nepal 2020 promotional package.





(Left) State Senator Sheikh Rahman receives a poster and “Visit Nepal 2020” materials. (Photo: Ms. Bidhya Gurang)

Youngsters Himali Kunwar (Princess), Prasidhi Kunwar, Urja Khanal, Aanchal Khanal, and Suvan Singh, who offered their Nepalese dances and songs, are from some of the families encouraging their children to continue the rich culture of Nepal away from their homeland.




Website Bonus Feature

"Visit Nepal 2020: Lifetime Experiences"

"Visit Nepal 2020: Why should you visit Nepal in 2020?"

“Visit Nepal 2020 Promotional Inauguration in Atlanta !”

“Binaya Aryal - NASeA President speech Visit Nepal 2020 Program”

NASeA Executive VP Ambika Lohani Sharma thanked all, including Mr. Pranayama Lama, former president of NAG; Mr Kiran Shrestha, President of World Hindu Federation USA; Shree Wagle, of Visit Nepal 2020 promotion committee; and technical supporters, Mr. Nogol Bista and Mr. Bikash Giri. Himalayan Spice restaurant offered the venue free of cost. Emcee was Prashan Alung Rai.



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