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Yoga Intervention in Treatment of Diseases

September 2016
Yoga Intervention in Treatment of Diseases

Dr. Sudhanva Char (left) gave details of clinical evidence of outcomes of yoga interventions for health in general and with specific references to numerous health issues. 

As part of the International Day of Yoga 2016 celebrations, medical doctors and Chinmaya Niketan, Atlanta conducted a free workshop on June 18 to highlight how yoga has been serving for millennia as medicine for robust physical and mental health and wellness.






Physicians discussed the use of yoga as an intervention to complement standard medical care, with a focus mainly on heart and cancer issues, but also on arthritis, asthma, back ache, diabetes, mental depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and other illnesses.






Welcoming the panel of doctors, Dr. Raghu Grandige, MD, (left) head of the Chinmaya Atlanta Mission, unreservedly appreciated the initiatives in organizing the workshop. Workshop coordinators were Mr. Sainathan Sivasubramanian (right) and Dr. Nazeera Dawood, MD, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Office of the Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Fulton County, as well as Dr. Sudhanva Char, Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics at Life University, who has been conducting yoga sessions at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta for 25 years.




Cardiac disease specialist Dr. Niraj Sharma (left) stressed the need for a holistic approach to heart disease that included lifestyle, nutrition, and genetic factors, besides medical treatment. He spoke about yogic techniques and deep breathing for cardiac health.





Oncologist Dr. Jayanthi (Jay) Srinivasiah (pictured at left) presented clinical research about employing selective yogic techniques as a supplementary therapy for cancer and as a means to manage certain secondary effects of chemotherapy.


Sudhanva Char made a Power Point presentation about the steady buildup of clinical evidence of outcomes of yoga interventions for health in general and with specific references to numerous health issues from asthma to cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and mental disorders. He recounted experiences in dealing with Alzheimer and related problems, yoga in pregnancy, regularizing monthly cycles, and in diabetes.







Dr. Nazeera Dawood (right) shared her experience with yoga and how it can reduce stress and bring harmony. Many participants had the opportunity to ask questions and get doubts cleared. The proceedings will be available on a video and will be announced on yogahta.blogspot.com.



[The article above is a Website Bonus Feature, appearing only on the website for August/September 2016, not in the September print/digital issues.]

Posted 8/20/16.

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