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You can’t buy blood, but donating it is noble

February 2016
You can’t buy blood, but donating it is noble

The Sant Nirankari Mission Atlanta held its semiannual blood drive on November 21, 2015 at Global Mall in collaboration with the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 and now supplies roughly 66% of the donated blood in the United States, which they sell directly to hospitals and regional suppliers.

Why donate blood? Some of us give blood because we were asked by a friend. Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood some day. Some believe it is the right thing to do. If you donate money, you might give food, but if you donate blood, you really save lives. By donating blood, you are significantly contributing towards a healthier society and the greater good. Blood is not something you can buy at the store. We should give it to each other as an act of humanity.



On the day of the event, volunteers arrived at 7am. The Sant Nirankari Mission, Atlanta offered free books and audio CDs about the mission. Free snacks and lunch were available to all attendees and guests. The youth (ages 13 and younger) passed out publication to visitors at the mall and kept the environment lighthearted.

It was a beautiful effort for a noble cause. Spreading the awareness of the blood drive and the message of His Holiness in the community, young and old had come together to create flyers, posters, and documentaries. The youth had also taken time to distribute flyers weeks before the actual event.

The event had a great response. People from different walks of life came together to donate blood and were given the message of the Mission. Thirty-seven donors were able to give blood, so the American Red Cross team was extremely happy and requested that they be part of future blood drives, the next one being planned by the Mission for April.


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