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Movie Review-Dhoom:2

January 2007
Movie Review-Dhoom:2

Director: Sanjay Gadhvi

Music Director: Pritam

Chic packaging, thrilling heists, bike chase, snazzy Brazilian locales and the scintillating chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai combine to make Dhoom:2 a rocker all the way.

Unlike the prequel which borrowed unabashedly from Gone in 60 Seconds, the story this time is credited to producer Aditya Chopra, even though the story is more about individual sequences revolving around robberies.

Forget about everything else, you can't miss the film for one big reason: Hrithik. Watch him zip around faster than a Hayabusa, leap up and down cliffs, burn the dance floor or emote the way only he can. Yes, as hi-tech international thief Mr A, Hrithik's the hero of the show and you know it when even our proverbial ice-maiden goes weak-kneed in his presence and succumbs to his irresistible charms. As Sunehri, the small-time thief who joins Mr A as his accomplice, Aishwarya gives her hottest performance till date, replete with a steaming lip-lock.

As ACP Shonali Bose, Bipasha Basu looks great and suits her role just fine. And Abhishek? The guy manages to hold his own in any role that is given to him, and so as the rugged no-nonsense ACP Jai Dixit, he'a a charmer. Uday Chopra plays Abhishek's soft sidekick Ali with consummate ease. Together they enthrall.

The music is good. Action scenes are brilliant. All in all, the thrill and the chills in Dhoom:2 will keep you humming Crazy kiya re.

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