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Movie Review: Krrish

August 2006
Movie Review: Krrish



Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Naseeruddin Shah, Rekha

Director: Rakesh Roshan

Music Director: Rajesh Roshan

Here's a warning at the outset: If you think you're gonna watch a desi Superman kind of flick, banish all such thoughts. Because the director, for reasons best known to him, has chosen to concentrate more on the romance track than the action sequences, terrifically executed by Hrithik Roshan, but which sadly, come too late and are too few and far between. Yes, Roshan Senior has grossly underplayed the super stunts in his much-hyped sequel to the blockbuster Koi Mil Gaya.

As in all Rakesh Roshan movies, Krrish showcases Hrithik in all his glory. Everything else — snazzy computer effects and eye-catching locales are props that daddy Roshan has employed to flaunt the many talents of his son. Otherwise, the film is predictable. Krishna (Hrithik) is the son of Rohit and Nisha from Koi Mil Gaya who swings around in the forests like Tarzan till love takes him to Singapore. Once there, Krishna transforms into Krrish the Asian Superman, and uses his powers to vanquish an evil scientist (Naseeruddin).

But before we are treated to the fantastic action, we have to suffer the long-drawn romantic interlude between Krrish and the globe-trotting journalist Priya (Priyanka), mor� irritating than riveting in the absence of any screen chemistry between them. And why was Priyanka's makeup so bad? The foundation on her pretty face was actually patchy in some scenes and quite an eye-sore. Oh yes, there's Rekha too as Krrish's daadi, with her freckles and patchy skin.

If the film is worth watching, it's for Hrithik and Hrithik alone. As the masked crusader Krrish, the guy is brilliant. He flies across the skyline and walks across the sea with an elegance and grace that is unparalleled in Indian cinema. Alas, we are left wishing his father had shown more such stuff and not wasted precious reels on the inane love track.

As far as the music goes, it's disappointing to say the least, even the Dil Na Diya number, although our hero puts his soul in his dancing. But go watch Krrish anyway. For Hrithik's sake.

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