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Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica

February 2011
Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica No One Killed Jessica

Starring: Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan, Myra

Director: Raj Kumar Gupta
Music Director: Amit Trivedi

Based on the murder of New Delhi model Jessica Lall in 1999 and her sister Sabrina Lall’s fight for justice, No One Killed Jessica brings life to newspaper headlines that are still fresh in public memory and again unleashes a storm within you. The young director’s dramatic and deft handling of the most written about case of modern India ensures that you remain engrossed in the movie right till the end, as you would in a racy crime thriller.

A young and attractive model, Jessica (Myra), trying her hand at bartending, is shot dead at a celebrity party by a power-drunk son of a politician, Manish. Her crime: refusing to serve him a drink after closing hours. Though there are many witnesses to the crime, nailing Manish doesn’t turn out to be easy. Two women—Jessica’s sister, Sabrina (Vidya Balan) and TV reporter, Meera (Rani Mukherjee)—decide to take things in their own hands and expose the culprit. Though Manish is acquitted, a fierce public uproar and a relentless media campaign eventually leads to a life sentence for Manish after seven long years.

The film just doesn’t showcase two feisty women, Sabrina and Meera, and their determined crusade against all odds. The heartening message that it actually sends out is that we can be the change ourselves. The candlelight protest scene at India Gate is simply overwhelming.

Rani Mukherjee’s portrayal of the swear word-spewing journalist Meera Gaity is certainly impressive. Newcomer Myra’s acting as Jessica is endearing. But it is the stunningly natural Vidya Balan as Sabrina who steals the show with her extraordinary ordinariness, dignity and restraint. Rajesh Sharma’s cop act is poignant.

A spunky audio track by Amit Trivedi enhances the overall effect. Don’t miss this gutsy and thought-provoking movie, which is a telling commentary on contemporary India.

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