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October 2009
Desi Fun


Are Indians résumé-challenged? An article at GlobalPost.com seems to suggest so. Not only did a recent study by an Indian staffing company find errors in 90 percent of résumés, many of them were several pages long.

Some contained information that you might find in a matrimonial ad, such as the qualifications of the applicant’s parents and siblings. “I have résumés which talk about candidates’ interests in singing or crime novels, their blood type, their passport numbers, their children’s ages,” said Surabhi Mathur-Gandhi, general manager of the staffing company, TeamLease.

Some candidates even included a declaration in their CVs. “Often, at the end of the CV, a candidate will proclaim, ‘I solemnly declare that all I have stated is true,’ when it is very likely that every sentence he has written is exaggerated,” said Ravi Shankar K., head of Weir Minerals India.

Every sentence? Well, perhaps not this sentence, which appeared in a résumé submitted to TeamLease, reflecting the applicant’s goal: “To always spread positively within the branch and reduce the grape vine.”


How quickly things change. Before the Beijing Olympics last year, the idea of an Indian winning a medal in boxing seemed farfetched. Then along came Vijender Kumar to win a bronze medal and Indians no longer seemed pushovers in the ring.

Indeed, the next Olympics could bring India multiple medals in boxing. That’s because the International Olympic Committee recently announced that the 2012 London Games will include women’s boxing. With apologies to Kumar, India’s best boxer happens to be a woman: 27-year-old Mangte Chungneijang Merykom, better known as Mary Kom. The Manipur-native has won four gold medals at world championships since 2001 and it would be a big surprise if she didn’t win a medal in London.

India won four medals at the last women’s world boxing championships, the same number as the United States. More Indian women, it seems, are taking up boxing. And coincidentally more Indian men are saying, “Sure, honey, I’ll do the dishes today.”


1. A Mumbai man was arrested for marrying 14 women, using matchmaking websites to find them.

2. A 6-foot-2, 200-pound Indian professor in Connecticut spent 36 hours in jail after being arrested on a warrant for a 5-foot-10, 140-pound white male.

3. Hearing about Shahrukh Khan’s detention at Newark airport, President Obama invited the actor to the White House for a “lassi summit.”

4. The number of girls born in Delhi in 2008 outnumbered the number of boys.

5. Shashi Tharoor, India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, was forced to move out of a luxury hotel in Delhi into a Motel 6.

(1, 2 and 4 really happened. Tharoor moved to an Indian Navy guesthouse.)


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Kosha Patel
The comedienne performs at the Hollywood Improv.

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