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Did that Really Happen?

February 2011
Did that Really Happen?

1. Bend it like Beckham, the 2002 movie directed by Gurinder Chadha, was shown on North Korean TV.

2. A recent poll showed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to have the highest approval rating (58 percent) among governors who face an election over the next two years.

3. A youth football coach in Gwinnett County, Ga., apologized for posting racist jokes on Facebook, including describing South Asians as “Red Dots.”

4. In a disclosure of assets and liabilities, a Supreme Court judge in India listed her unmarried daughters as “liabilities.”

5. Indian Americans in Houston observed a day-long fast to protest visa delays at the Indian consulate.

(All five really happened)


In a Huffington Post article about interfaith unity at the United States Air Force Academy, Pentagon-based Air Force Officer Ravi Chaudhary recalls that during his freshman year at the Academy in 1989, the chaplains created an “All Faiths” room for him to practice his faith. Later, during a “knowledge review” exercise for Doolies (first-year cadets), upperclassmen asked them to recite the number of seats in the Academy's Cadet Chapel. One cadet stammered and yelled out: “Sir! There are 700 seats in the Protestant Chapel, 300 seats in the Catholic Chapel and 100 seats in the Jewish Chapel!”

The answer changed the next day, Chaudhary writes. “... I decided to modify the Chapel answer by saying, ‘Sir, there are 1200 seats in the Protestant Chapel, 600 seats in the Catholic Chapel, 100 seats in the Jewish Chapel, and 1 seat in the Hindu Chapel!’ The room fell silent and I braced for impact.

“Bewildered, the upperclassman paused, stared at me for a moment, and said, ‘Well, I guess that brings the total to nineteen hundred and one!’ From that day on my fellow Doolies would answer the question by saying, ‘...and 1 seat in the Hindu Chapel!’ The upper-class cadets were impressed by the conviction with which we presented this number and the way it formed a bond in our class.”


Baagi Music


Hip-hop artist Sikh Knowledge brings the house down.

Typical Indian parents


An oldie but goody from Goodness Gracious

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