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Quota of Quotes

November 2010
Quota of Quotes “My Hindi is okay, but I’m not fluent enough to be in the Bollywood films. Or good-looking enough.” -- actor Rizwan Manji, who stars in the new NBC sitcom Outsourced. (Globe and Mail)

"I wish someone had told me about basketball. I could’ve gone to America, too." -- Seven-foot-two Balbir Singh Bhamara of Punjab, whose 14-year-old, seven-foot-tall son, Satnam, has been sponsored to attend IMG Basketball Academy in Florida. (McClatchy-Tribune News)

“The India of the 1970s was this resentful country playing the victim card constantly, blaming the West for all its troubles. And the India of today increasingly sees itself as not a pawn in somebody else’s chess game but one of the major players in the world.” -- Journalist Fareed Zakaria, who recently became Editor-at-Large at Time. (India Currents)

“It’s hard to describe how I feel as it’s not the same kind of excitement as I’ve felt before. There’s something really simple and quiet about this, like it just feels natural and right, like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in my life.” -- Sitar player Anoushka Shankar, on expecting her first child. She recently wed English film director Joe Wright. (Hindustan Times)

“I am expected to have plenty of money because I have white skin. Very often, when we go out, people treat me better than they do my husband and find it difficult to believe we are married.” -- Australian-born Sharell Cook, who lives in Mumbai with her Indian husband. (Xinhuanet.com)

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