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Quota of Quotes

July 2009
Quota of Quotes

“It really wasn’t about what I wanted. I think something happened and the universe was telling me to become an actor. So from that point I was doomed.” – Actress Sonal Shah of the ABC comedy series Scrubs, who once intended to become a doctor. (India West)

"Today, whenever you use a piece of technology, there is a good chance a little bit of Rajeev Motwani is behind it." – Google co-founder Sergey Brin, remembering the Stanford University computer science professor who mentored Brin and others. Motwani reportedly drowned in his backyard pool on June 5.

"The banks were literally dumping credit cards on the young men and women who work in the outsourcing industry until recently. Some of these people had five cards each as soon as they found a job. That is over now, with credit drying up in the banks." -- A.R. Vasavi, a professor of social anthropology in Bangalore. (Washington Post)

“All it takes to excel in science is curiosity. You need to actually be interested in what you are learning in order to do it.” -- Rishi Kulkarni, who led a team from Mira Loma High School in Sacramento, Calif., to victory in the high school category of the National Science Bowl. (India West)

"In India, they really like older people." -- Steve Herzfeld, 58, a Transcendental Meditation teacher, who moved his ailing parents from Florida to Pondicherry in 2006, giving them affordable care for the last years of their lives. (The Observer, London)

"Statistically the number of cases on the docket has exploded.” -- Prosenjit Banerjee, a Delhi divorce lawyer, on India’s divorce rate, estimated to be around six percent. (GlobalPost.com)

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