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Quota of Quotes

June 2009
Quota of Quotes


"I thought about computer classes. But I stayed with this. I heard there were no jobs. Plus, my customers are always happy to see me." -- Vilesh Shinde, 32, a Mumbai dabbawala, whose business has surged in recent months as the global financial crisis forces more Indians to choose tiffin over restaurant food. (Washington Post)

"There's one big plus-point about Hindu priests. They'll forget about everything if you show them a few bucks." – Mumbai activist Ashok Row Kavi, noting a growing number of same-sex marriage ceremonies being performed in India. (Times of India)

"When my family realized that what I had with Ashok was not 'timepass', they accepted us in their own way. He is very special to my family." – San Jose resident Arvind Kumar, who married Ashok Jethanandani in a traditional Indian ceremony in Toronto. (Times of India)

"This isn't Afghanistan. But here in Bangalore, as a young woman on the streets, if you are driving a car or in a pub or dressed a certain way, you just feel this rising anger." – Hemangini Gupta, 28, on an increase in moral policing by Hindu extremists. (Washington Post)

"Most children in my school are criminal-minded. We have caught them stealing fans from classrooms and even the iron grills from the windows. How do you discipline such kids?" -- Dr. S.C. Sharma, principal of a government school in South Delhi, speaking in support of corporal punishment. (Time.com)

"It doesn't make sense to me, especially in these hard times. The military is hurting for professionals. They need doctors, they need nurses." – Military recruit Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kalsi, objecting to a U.S. Army order that he remove his turban and cut his hair before reporting for active duty in July. (CNN.com)

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