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Quota of Quotes

May 2009
Quota of Quotes

"It's cool that everybody gets to know our culture. When I go to India, you don't really see Indians dancing to Kanye West." – Dance student Sharika Pongubala, 16, on people of other races taking lessons in Bollywood dancing. (Chicago Tribune)

“If you’re sitting out waiting for a job that’s now being done by a slumdog in India, and you’re waiting for that job to be canceled, for the slumdog to be thrown out of work, and you to get the job, it ain’t going to happen.” -- Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, speaking to a caller about outsourcing.

"The election is not a test of my Malayalam proficiency. I can understand what people want. And I am confident of conveying this in parliament in a language that I know quite well." – Former UN Under Secretary General Shashi Tharoor, a candidate for the Lok Sabha from Kerala, responding to criticism that he’s an outsider who speaks Malayalam with an Anglicized tone.

“I think I look better now than I did in my 20s, because I'm more confident about my body—and I don't want to look like anyone but myself.” – Padma Lakshmi, 38, actress, model and Top Chef host. (Allure.com)

"The U.S. has benefited from the minds of young Indians. And our generation has benefited because America has welcomed us and we have learned so much here. But now the H-1B has become a distant dream." -- Himanshu Dev, Indian student at North Carolina State University, on the difficulty of getting work visas in the current recession. (Washington Post)

“Part of connecting to a role is connecting to yourself. And part of connecting to yourself is learning about yourself and your background, and your relation to parents and your own ethnicity. So it feels that with every role I'm doing, whether it is East Indian descent or not, I am reaching back into my history, my own relationship with my parents, who they are." – Indo-Canadian actor Vik Sahay, who plays the role of Lester Patel on the NBC show Chuck. (NPR)

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