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Quota of Quotes

April 2011
Quota of Quotes “The turban is a big problem for us. We look the same as Afghan Taliban—but we are not Taliban.”—Gurjatinder Singh Randhawa, chief editor of the Sikh newspaper Punjab Mail USA, reacting to news that two elderly Sikh men were shot, one fatally, while taking a walk in Elk Grove, California. ( Sacramento Bee)

“There are people who really don't know how to spend all the money they've got.”— Delhi wedding organizer Neeti Bhargava, on the amount of food wasted at extravagant Indian weddings. (The Guardian)

“Arundhati represents all the intellectuals who are selfless promoters of all sorts of causes which can give them publicity. They are dancing to the tune of publicity as a hungry monkey dances to the tune of its master for a banana.”—Artist Pranava Prakash, whose painting “Goddess of Fifteen Minutes of Fame” portrays a nude Arundhati Roy with Chairman Mao and Osama bin Laden. (Mid-Day)

“There's a sense of vindication. We limped along for over a year with very little money, but we had this core five or six of us and we just knocked on thousands of doors.”—Ameya Pawar, 30, who pulled off a huge election upset to become the first Indian American on Chicago City Council. ( Chicago Tribune).

“I don’t think there’s ever been a no-nonsense, bisexual investigator of Indian origin.”—Emmy-winning actress Archie Panjabi, on viewers’ obsession with Kalinda Sharma, the character Panjabi plays on the CBS show “The Good Wife.” (The Daily Beast)

“Here we are, a few Jewish guys sitting in Union Square, and we might have accidentally revolutionized the dating scene in India.”—Entrepreneur Adam Sachs, who, along with Kevin Owocki and Daniel Osit, founded the dating website Ignighter.com, which was originally intended for young Americans, but switched its focus after receiving an avalanche of traffic from India. (New York Times)

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