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Compiled and partly written by Melvin Durai Email Compiled and partly written by Melvin Durai
February 2012
QUOTA OF QUOTES “ There would be a lot less trouble in the world
if people could learn to not take themselves so seriously,
if we could learn to assume the best about each other.”

– Cincinnati-based funnyman Rajiv Satyal,
who went on a seven-city comedy tour of India
in January with two other Indian-American comics.
The tour, called “Make Chai, Not War,” was sponsored
by the U.S. State Department
in part to promote religious tolerance.
(Economic Times)










“I did not know how to write a
song about a guy who has just been
dumped in a funny way. I did not
think. It just came to me.”

– Tamil actor Dhanush,
whose “Tamglish” song
“Why This Kolaveri Di”
became a surprise YouTube hit.
(Times of India)









“ I know the marriage was unusual
but I could say the distance
doesn’t matter in the modern world.
People can share their lives through
modern technology.”

– U.K.-based Syed Islam, 28, who courted and
married Monira Chowdhury of Pennsylvania through
Skype. Monira, also 28, joined her husband in England
three months after their long-distance wedding.
(The Daily Mail)







“ I knew that it was going to be
really dark and really challenging,
but I knew at the end of this path
it’s going to be really beautiful, so I
thought I should stick to my dream.”

KE. Sarathbabu, a former slum dweller
who became an IIM graduate and chose to
start a business and employ the poor, rather
than accept a high-paying job. His Chennai-based
catering business, Foodking, has seven outlets and
employs 250 people. (BBC News)






“ This is a golden period for
Dalits. ... India is moving from a
caste-based to a class-based society,
where if you have all the goodies in
life and your bank account is booming,
you are acceptable.”

Chandra Bhan Prasad,
a Dalit activist and researcher.
(The New York Times)




“ If you think any of those scenes are kissing scenes, you
don’t know how to kiss! Come on stage, and I’ll teach you how
it’s done!”

– Hrithik Roshan, to a red-faced journalist
who had asked him about a scene with Katrina Kaif in
the movie Agneepath. (Times of India)

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