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September 2006

"At the end of the day, you want to do business in an environment where there's excitement. When I came to the United States in 1981, there was a certain excitement here. Now, that excitement I feel in India." -- Navneet Chugh, a California attorney who works with Indian companies. (Los Angeles Times)

"This is effecting our business tremendously, in a very bad way. It's a basic food item. It's like if the U.S. [government] would say you can't get salt in America." -- Neil Soni, owner of House of Spices in New York, on the Indian government's ban on the export of dal or lentils. (India New England)

"Our products are safe and we measure that against the most stringent standards, the European ones." – Coca-Cola Asia spokesman Kenth Kaerhoeg, on partial bans in India on the sale of Coke and Pepsi following allegations of high pesticide levels. (BusinessWeek)

"We have a lot of problems in other foods also, but who cares, who bothers? We have larger problems of water getting contaminated with microbes, and these are the microbes that will put you off [make you sick] because of diarrhea. Basically in the system as such there is no regulatory mechanism." – A.R. Shenoy, head of the Mumbai-based Consumer Guidance Society of India, urging the enforcement of safety standards in all food products, not just soft drinks. (Voice of America)

"I feel like a global person. My psyche, I think, is very American. My soul and my roots are very Indian. And my career has been more European." -- Mumbai-born singer Asha Puthli, who recently performed her first New York City concert in 25 years. (New York Times)

"We are not enemies of Mr Bachchan. But his picture on our national flag was an objectionable act and we ordered them to remove his picture from the flag. This place is reserved only for our own heroes." -- Mirza Asif Baig, a Karachi government official, on the removal of billboards showing Amitabh Bachchan in front of Pakistan's flag to promote a telephone quiz contest opening on the country's independence day. (Reuters)

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