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Desi Satire

September 2010

1. Delhi Traffic Police started a Facebook page to allow citizens to report problems and post photos of violators.

2. Julia Roberts revealed that she’s “definitely a practicing Hindu.”

3. The commissioner of the Indian Premier League advised the government to move the upcoming Commonwealth Games to South Africa.

4. John Abraham said he’d like to insure his butt for Rs. 100 million.

5. Aishwarya Rai became the highest paid Tamil actress.

(1, 2, 4 and 5 really happened.)



If you grew up in that time and place, the following will bring a smile of recognition:

    * Boy or girl, you were very proud of your first “bellbottom” pants.
    * Your “Camlin” geometry box was your prized possession.
    * You and your friends searched for over two hours for a single tennis ball lost in a game of cricket.
    * Phantom and Mandrake were your heroes, and how you wished you could pull a “Mandrake” on the class bully.
    * Even though you had never seen a hamburger in real life, you had seen Jug tackle a few in Archie comics, and wondered how wonderful they would be to taste—not knowing the main ingredient to be—Holy cow!—a holy cow.
    * You loved watching Hollywood movies, even though you barely understood much of the dialogues.
    * You knew all the dialogues of Sholay almost verbatim.
    * Yours was the most popular home in the neighborhood if you had a telephone.
    * Yours was the most popular home in the entire vicinity if you had both a phone and a TV.
    * Your dad had half-a-dozen choices of cars to buy from. That is, if you include color choices; otherwise he had only two: Ambassador and Fiat.
    * You thought the tiny fan on the dash was such a luxury!
    * You helped push-start a car at least once.

[Source: The above is an embellished version of a chain-email. If you have more of these about the India of the past, please email us at]


Auntie Netta
A series of funny sketches by Sri Lankan actress Nimmi Harasgama.

Tow Truck, India-style
Why isn‘t the cameraman doing any pushing?

Compiled and partly written by humorist MELVIN DURAI, author of the novel Bala Takes the Plunge.

[Comments? Contributions? We would love to hear from you about Chai Time. If you have contributions, please email us at We welcome jokes, quotes, online clips and more.]

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