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The Noureen DeWulf File

March 2009
The Noureen DeWulf File


2 Times she has played a character named “Singh.”

4 movies she will appear in this year.

8 Movies she has already appeared in.

12 TV shows she has acted in.

25 Her age (she was born Feb. 28, 1984, in New York City)

100 Her ranking in Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 (2007)


“I have to be honest, I don't think my career is easy to deal with for my Muslim family, and they have had to watch me do things onscreen that are unimaginable to them; kissing, cursing, me wearing what they consider to be risqué clothing, etc” (Sapna magazine)

“People ask me a lot if I get tired of playing ethnic characters, they ask me if I want to move away from it, but the ironic truth is, when I play an ethnic character I feel fulfilled on a personal level. I love my heritage both as someone who grew up as a Muslim and as an Indian—it's part of who I am and I would never deny it.” (Sapna)

"Maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, because when people keep telling you you're sexy, you become that. But I enjoy it. Sexuality is a part of life; why shy away from it?” (New York Post)


DeWulf was raised in Georgia, the daughter of immigrants from Pune. She was interested in acting from a young age, but it wasn’t until she attended Boston University’s School of the Arts that she began to seriously consider it as a career.

She auditioned for roles and got her first break when she was chosen to play the role of Fatima, a Palestinian cashier, in the 2005 musical comedy West Bank Story, which won an Oscar for Best Short Film.

Her performance helped her land roles in TV shows such as CSI: NY, Girlfriends and Numb3rs, before making her big-screen debut in the 2006 movie American Dreamz.

Her upcoming movies include The Taqwacores, directed by Eyad Zahra and also starring Rasika Mathur. According to its plot summary, the movie “deals with the complexities of being young and Muslim in modern-day America.”

Though her last name may confuse some fans, DeWulf doesn’t shy away from her Indian heritage. “I have a strong sense of my Indian culture,” she told Sapna magazine. “I can speak Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu, and I cook Indian food. I am proud of my background. I love being Indian. I love playing Indian roles.”



West Bank Story, the short film in which she debuted.


A fan’s tribute, featuring photos of DeWulf

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