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Atlantan Sarita Pattnaik Is Mrs. India Worldwide 2017

Compiled/partly written by SUZANNE SEN and POORNIMA NARAYANAN. Email Compiled/partly written by SUZANNE SEN and POORNIMA NARAYANAN.
November 2017
Atlantan Sarita Pattnaik Is Mrs. India Worldwide 2017

After winning two beauty pageants last year—Mrs. India Georgia and Mrs. India USA—Odisha-born Sarita Rinki Pattnaik walked off with the Mrs. India Worldwide crown on October 7, 2017, in New Jersey.

In the pageant’s Q & A segment, Sarita, when asked which role played by a man would complement her better, a husband or a son, responded, “He is a son first, then a husband. It’s not fair to choose between these roles, but if I have to, I will pick ‘husband’ because I left my past to complement him for the rest of my life.” The dazzling two-day pageant included an evening gown round and a grand finale. Eight judges selected the winners from 35 contestants of Indian origin.

Sarita heads an interior design company in the Atlanta area. Additionally she’s a dedicated volunteer with nonprofits working with underprivileged women and children. “I owe allegiance to two countries. India is the country of my birth where I got my early values and education. But equally important is the country that adopted me, taught me how to dream and how to realize those dreams—the U.S.A.,” says this multi-faceted winner.

Website Bonus Feature

Values from her Indian background: "the importance of family, of tolerance, and of faith."
Dreams in America: "This platform gives me a voice to raise awareness about some social concerns which are very dear to me: I'm a believer that every child needs a home and education [and I] also want to help downtrodden children and women to give them best help possible knowing people across the globe....My goal is to be ... a social activist, a role model for all the girls and women. I believe faith can move mountains."


First Runner Up in the contest was Mrs India Mauritius, Nishi Singh (on right); second Runner Up was Radha Shah, Mrs India UAE (on left).

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