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Mourning the Loss of Sameer Malim

November 2016
Mourning the Loss of Sameer Malim

Message from the Khabar team:

Dear Readers,

While most of you did not know Sameer Malim, he did touch your lives, even if in ways not directly known to you. If you have enjoyed reading Khabar, thanks is due, at least in part, to Sameer. It has been possible for us to invest in quality content thanks to the good number of advertisers that you see in each issue. As our one-man sales team, it was Sameer who made that possible.

Sameer Malim’s life was suddenly cut short by a massive heart attack on October 4th, 2016.

One day he was a walking, talking, active, breadwinner and rock for his family. The next day he was gone— just like that, without any notice! The shock, disbelief, grief, and even a bit of angst, at life’s random cruelty were felt by the hundreds of community members who knew Sameer and his family.

What bites in particular is that this happened to a man who did not deserve to go in such a sudden and unceremonious way. Here was an ever-smiling and extremely hardworking man in the prime of his life. Sameer was working long hours 7 days a week. Besides his full time role at Khabar, Sameer and and his wife Anisa were working tirelessly in the restaurant business. The long hours without any vacations had been a stressor in Sameer’s life that were completely masked by his eversmiling persona.

Sameer was a great friend, colleague, and an integral part of the Khabar team for over 10 years. We have celebrated many birthdays, Diwalis, and other festivities, including the breaking of his Ramadan fasts each year. Through stories shared over lunches at the office, we knew about his family back home in Mumbai. We saw the sadness in his eyes of not being able to go back to India for a visit ever since he came to the U.S.

Sameer worked as hard and long as he did just so that he could provide his wife Anisa and their four daughters— Shazia, Samra, Sabreen, and Sidra—the best of what life had to offer. He was a living example of the adage, “Keep on trying, never give up!” He did that literally till his last breath—helping his daughter change a flat tire. He left this worldly abode while being the rock to his family that he always was.





Sameer’s sudden demise has been a shattering tragedy for Anisa and their teen daughters. Not only did it leave a gaping hole in their lives, but the family is also facing financial insolvency.

There was some initial fundraising, and our small business is doing all we can to carry them through the initial months. But here is where we, as a community, can help a deserving family avoid financial collapse and all the challenges that go with it. We have started a GoFundMe campaign to help them through the transitional phase:

It’s quick and easy to make a donation. Your help is much appreciated. And if you feel like spreading the word of this campaign by email or social media, please do so.

Thank you!
The Khabar Team


Message from Khabar Clients

“He Was a Jolly Good Fellow!”

Khabar’s clients on dear departed Sameer Malim…

“Though I met Sameer only once in the years of my association with Khabar, I never felt that our business association needed a meeting in person as he was perfect in taking care of our needs with a smile. I always felt his smile while we chatted on the phone. I always saw him as honest, happy, respectful to others, polite, and confident. It was an honor to have known such a great person, and we will truly miss him. – Hiren Jani & the Malani Jewelers Family.




“Sameer and I emailed and spoke on the phone each month to coordinate ad placements for KPPB LAW in Khabar. I’ll always remember how he’d swiftly replace files after we’d make adjustments just at the submission deadline. He’d often reply with a note “NP” (no problem) and “Sure. I will,” as if he typed those words with a smile. Sameer leaves a lasting spirit of kindness even with those of us who knew him only from a distance.” – Emily Pylant, Cowbell Communications.




“I work with several publications, but working with Khabar is always a stress-free process, solely because of Sameer. Sameer was always available to answer questions, and though I’m on the West coast, he would call anytime I needed. I had the pleasure of meeting him once in Atlanta, and was struck by his calm and friendly demeanor. Sameer was such a pleasure to work with, he will be missed. My condolences to the Khabar team as well as to his family. – Rina Shah, The Arpan Group, My Shaadi Bridal Expo.




“Sameer was a great guy. He always provided me with a lot of help and valued information regarding advertising in Khabar. He was always very pleasant, kind, and courteous to talk to. Every time I think of Khabar, Sameer’s name comes to mind. He will be greatly missed. May God give peace to his soul, and courage to his family.” – Renu Sachdeva, SDK & Associates Insurance Services.




“Sameer was a charming gentleman—sincere, personable, and very hardworking. He touched people deeply and at their level. For instance, my challenged son, Rohan, was very fond of him and connected with him as if they were buddies! Most people are forgotten within months. Not so with Sameer; he will be missed for years!” – Mohan Kapur, leadership and productivity coach.




“Sameer was one of the nicest, friendliest people we have worked with. We are very sorry to hear about his loss, as he was a great human being. He always was very jovial and extremely polite. He always tried to accommodate any requests we had, and we will truly miss working with him. Our prayers go out to his family, friends, and the Khabar team.” – Roshni Patel, Milan Eye Center.




“I knew Sameer for more than a decade. A wonderful person with a smile on his face at all times. Very hard working, sincere, humble, and always greeted you first before starting any conversation. It is very unfortunate to see him leave us so early...however, I’m sure he is happy wherever he is now. May his soul rest in peace! – Kew Ray, DesiRoots Inc.




“Sameer was a great soul. He had many great qualities, including the fact that he never said no to anyone and always kept a smiling face! I will never forget his great deeds towards our community. May his soul rest in eternal peace. – Imran Surani, President, American Pakistani Chamber of Commerce.




“Sameer was a marketing expert with an effervescent smile and a helpful attitude. I will miss his sweet presence in the Khabar office. May God bless his soul and give strength to his family to bear this untimely loss.” – Ani Agnihotri, President and CEO of IIIrd Millennium Technologies, Inc., and Founder and Managing Partner of US India Business and Research Center (USIBRC)




“I will truly miss Sameer and his warmth. Every interaction was met with kindness. He was always jovial and friendly. It was apparent from my conversations with him that he truly cared about his community, he asked questions to help people, and he cared so deeply about his family. He worked so hard and I would tease him that he needed to take some time off to be with his family. He would just smile and tell me the things he did do with his family. My heart breaks that his family and the Atlanta community has lost such a kind and loving soul. Thank you, Sameer, for your patience, kindness, and your smile. You will be missed.” – Aparna Bhattacharya, Director, Raksha.




“He was so fantastic and such a pleasure to work with. He made my job so easy, and for that I am so thankful.” – Domenica Haas, Atlanta Division Marketing Manager, CalAtlantic Group, Inc.

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