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STEM Academy opens Teacher Training Center in Delhi

Compiled/partly written by Suzanne Sen and Poornima Narayanan Email Compiled/partly written by Suzanne Sen and Poornima Narayanan
January 2018
STEM Academy opens Teacher Training Center in Delhi


Atlanta’s STEM Academy has big plans for Indian schoolkids. In January 2018, the Academy rolls out a “Center for Excellence” in New Delhi, an initiative to train Indian schoolteachers in new ways of teaching science, tech, engineering, and math to middle and high school students in schools affiliated with the four largest educational boards in India (CBSE/ICSE/SSB/IB).

Dr. Amitabh Sharma, the Academy’s cofounder, says his mission is to get Indian students to approach these subjects innovatively and creatively using an interdisciplinary approach and experiential learning. Dr. Sharma is a serial entrepreneur with experience in oil and gas, information technology, and education. He holds degrees in law, management, and marketing, and serves as founding chair of American India Foundation’s Atlanta Chapter Leadership Council.



Dr. Paddy Sharma (right) (not related to Amitabh Sharma), STEM Academy cofounder, also founded FIHI Hope Foundation to help young students receive good education and clean living.

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Details from press release:
STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to learning. It is challenge-based hands-on practical education which aims to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills. It is perfectly aligned with Indian government missions such as Start-up India, Skilled India, Digital India, Make in India, New India, and women empowerment. If successive U.S. Presidents, Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama (his slogan ‘Educate to Innovate’), Mr. Trump have endorsed STEM for America’s creative uplift, India can certainly benefit from STEM based learning and generate innovative leaders. Yet the efficacy of STEM based learning has been limited due to lack of structure.

STEM Academy of USA has developed an implementation strategy for India including modular content along with practical tool-kits for Grades 4 thru 10. The company has made presentations and teacher trainings across India to school owners, principals, management, Science and Math teachers, students and parents. Now the company is embarking upon full-fledged STEM implementation in schools across India through their Gurgaon-based Indian channel partner MPower Global- STEM Education where a marketing and sales team is led by V. K. Garg.

Maria Montessori, a noted Italian physician, propounded the theory that a child has innate traits to learn from the environment and tools around him. She went on to develop a spectrum of experiential kits for mixed age groups where peer to peer learning was accentuated. Books were replaced by hands-on practical projects which led to higher learning while teachers assumed the role of facilitators. ​Entrepreneurs and inventors like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Larry Page, and Sergey Brin (Google) and others attribute their creative instincts to hands-on challenge-oriented Montessori education.

STEM pedagogy is a natural corollary to Montessori’s do-it-yourself method of learning and has been proven to work towards elevating the understanding and application of knowledge. When a student explores a Math or Science concept through project-based learning, it inseminates indelibly only to be gainfully applied in his future Engineering or Technological pursuit with an innovative flavor.

Having mapped the 4 major syllabi in India- CBSE/ICSE/SSB/IB - for Grades 4 thru 10 into Math and Science modules, ​the company has embarked upon a structured implementation of STEM as part of school curriculum. Each module dwells on an overarching Science and/or, Math concept and embodies several practical hands-on toolkits which help students to engage in project based interdisciplinary learning of Science and Math related with Engineering and technology principles. Each module is broken down into Blocks encompassing different facets of Math and Science concepts studies over 3-6 sessions depending upon grade level. The class size is split into comfortable group sizes of 5-6 students in each group and adequate number of modules are pre-loaded onto carts for each Class to come to STEM lab and do the learning. The content is constantly updated and maintenance rendered.

STEM training and certification is provided to teachers through comprehensive workshops and constant orientation on pedagogy and delivery. Teacher training and certification in STEM is provided in Centers of Excellence operated by SAUS at various locations countrywide or at locations within schools that are desirous of conducting such training. The teacher’s role shifts to being a facilitator.

*Structured STEM curriculum implemented as part of school timetable. *Content mapped to CBSE/ICSE/IB/SSB syllabus for Grades 4 thru 10. *Key concepts for each Grade addressed through easy-to-understand material. *Content and hands-on practical tool-kits developed by Subject matter experts based in US and India. *Pre and Post assessment- comprehensive analysis of improvement. *Proven to enhance performance in tests and competitive exams through better subject assimilation. *Collaborative discovery based peer-to-peer learning environment conducive to conceptual clarity. *Reduction in teacher workload due to supplemental role of STEM curriculum. *World class quality STEM content and tool-kits with constant updates. *Affordable price point per student per month basis convenient for school and parents. *Inclusive STEM training of teachers at Centers of Excellence in India. *Career boost for STEM trained teachers- preparing for tomorrow. *Student exchange programs between India and the USA. *STEM refresher courses and USA certification for teachers. *Participation of students in international STEM competitions and Olympiads. *Potential exposure to STEM opportunities at leading organizations like NASA, *Preferential consideration to job/profession oriented skill development programs. *Schools earn enviable reputation and popularity through better results and elevated education standards *Parents appreciate children becoming creative, innovative, original thinkers securing STEM careers.

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