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Haresh Lalvani: Master of Metal

April 2011
Haresh Lalvani: Master of Metal Genetics is not confined to the living world. There is also the DNA of the material world. Architect Haresh Lalvani decodes the morphological genome of matter using higher dimensional mathematics. And the result? Origami—except what’s being twisted and crumpled to create intricate structures is metal, not paper.

A recipient of awards from the National Endowment of the Arts, NYSTAR and the National Institute for Architectural Education, among others, Lalvani has been a professor at Pratt Institute in New York for three decades. His work has been displayed in places like the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Besides his unique sculptures, Lalvani is known for his creations for the Milgo Design Store, which was started by AlgoRhythm Technologies as a way to turn the designs into usable products. These include curiously shaped vases, candle holders, trash bins and bowls that resemble flowing rather than static objects.

“Lalvani stands at the dawn of genomic art as Alberti did at the dawn of perspective painting and Picasso at the dawn of Cubism,” according to Core Formula, a platform for artists and scientists. “Intrinsic to Lalvani’s creative process is the balance between 2D and 3D concepts at all times, many projected from higher dimensions; the final works are clearly three-dimensional, yet the constant interplay between the physical 2D and 3D is central to the genesis of his sculpture.”

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