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The Power of Pyramids

August 2010
The Power of Pyramids

You don’t have to go to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids. There is one in India, although its size is a quarter of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Located in Pyramid Valley, south of Bangalore, it’s even called the Great Pyramid. Just like Pune’s Osho Pyramid, which opened less than a decade ago, this one near Bangalore was built for mass meditation.

No pharaohs were buried in India. Nevertheless, India’s Great Pyramid does draw inspiration from Egypt’s Great Pyramids. And the result is a fusion of Old World design and New Age belief.

Also known as the Maitreya-Buddha Dhyana Vidya Vishwalayam, Pyramid Valley was established in 2003 by Brahmarshi Patriji, the sect’s leader, to spread the gospel of intensive meditation, vegetarianism and “pyramid power.” There are people who believe that the shape of the pyramid—with its walls representing the elements of air, water, fire and earth—helps to harness, radiate and conserve universal energy. And the pyramid’s benefits are, supposedly, not limited to meditation. Based on “several experiments conducted in man-made pyramids,” it’s been claimed that the powers can generally preserve perishables like fruits and milk, heal various wounds, and facilitate “out-of-body” experiences.

Skeptics may roll their eyes, but Patriji has no shortage of followers. They flock to the 28-acre Pyramid Valley, where up to 5000 people can meditate in a chamber that even has 600 Himalayan crystals for amplifying the energy.

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