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Khabar Business Directory is on Its Way

February 2005
Khabar Business Directory is on Its Way

When we started the Directory project a few months back, we had anticipated about 300 listings and about 150 display ads. Turns out we ended up with over 700 listings and over 200 display ads. While the success and the progress of the Directory is very encouraging, and will have a direct impact of the quality we will be able to deliver to the end user, the frustration lies in the delays caused.

Considering that a project of this size was practically a first in our community (Khabar published similar directories in the mid-nineties, but the community was much smaller in those years), there was a lot of work needed to compile the listings, research and gather the content that would be needed and desired by the community ? while working simultaneously on the growing monthly magazine.

Now that the work is in the final stages, we anticipate it being mailed by March end. Our apologies to advertisers for the unexpected delays. In order to ensure a minimum life of a year, we will not release the next one until at least 12 months after the release of this one. (Meanwhile, the online listings will of course be updated more frequently)

We are also considering having the directory being a bi-annual rather than an annual project.���Our community is growing, but I am not sure if we need a new directory every year. Perhaps, once every two years is sufficient? We will wait and see what the response is from our advertisers as well as the public and make a decision on it later this year. The benefit to our advertisers will be that their ad can enjoy the shelf life of two years rather than one.

Once the directory is printed and distributed to our mailing list, our job is still not yet ended. We will start marketing and distributing the directory at strategic places to give our community much broader and mainstream attention. I am sure that process will also take a good bit of time. If anyone has suggestions of distribution points, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

On and all, we have enjoyed working on this directory. It has brought new energy and excitement into our lives. It has opened up new advertiser relations as well as re-established old ones. Our focus at Khabar has always been to give our advertisers maximum exposure for their advertising dollars, while giving our subscribers, a quality product which they can be proud of. We have never cut any corners in any of the areas. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your feedback.

- Rajesh Jyotishi

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