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Khabar Readers’ Bill of Rights

March 2006
Khabar Readers’ Bill of Rights

2005 was an exciting year for us. Not only did we publish the Business and Community Directory after 9 years, but we also stepped up the production of the magazine from newsprint paper to the more attractive enamel (glossy) one, with many more color pages than before.

We hope to continue this evolution in 2006; and are working hard to shape the magazine to cater to the various demographic groups of our readership. We realize that to be a variety magazine for a targeted community we need to reach out to all of its segments, the young and old, the ladies and the gents, the casual readers and the literati.

As such, starting this issue, we have launched two new columns, "Kids Korner" and "Chai Time" (for those who just want to kickback and relax after a hard day's work). Besides, you will also notice a presence of articles about beauty, fashion, style and more, aimed at winning over the ladies. Another of our short term goal is to form a Khabar youth forum that will convene regularly to discuss issues that affect them. The best nuggets from these forums will form the youth related content in Khabar.

Of course, we will continue with our in-depth cover stories about popular topics that affect and interest our community; albeit, we will strive to embellish these with related sidebars, statistics and more, so that scanners of the magazine too get a sense of the topic.

Our quest is to continue to strengthen the bond between the community and the media. We would like to offer Khabar as the place where the community thinks and communicates amidst itself. This can only happen with your help! We welcome your comments and suggestions, both, of a general nature to continue to mold the magazine to your needs, as well as about the specific columns mentioned above. As we have said before, there can't be a dynamic community magazine without a dynamic community that is engaged and involved with it.

In closing we would like to offer the following, our readers' Bill of Rights?to emphasis our pledge and commitment to provide you the very best of the magazine that we can:

1. You have a right to forget that Khabar is a free magazine.

2. You have a right to expect Khabar to meet your media and information needs as a member of the Georgia Indian American community. That means we will continue to strive to be a leading source for the best of the unique products, services and professionals you need and desire.

3. You have a right to expect articles in each issue that will bring the Georgia Indian American community into your home.

4. You have a right to expect the very best in articles and authors that will enrich your life as an Indian American.

5. You have a right to expect Khabar to be of the caliber that would inspire you to share it with your friends in the mainstream as an ambassador of the community.

In appreciation,

The Khabar team

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