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The Vision Behind Khabar’s Upcoming Community Directory

August 2004
The Vision Behind Khabar’s Upcoming Community Directory

What do you think of when you think of a directory?

A listing of names and numbers? That book in your home which is sitting on your refrigerator or in your garage? Or do you think of it as an encyclopedia? A valuable resource book which you turn to frequently, in order to find anything and everything about your community?

Khabar has launched the 2004/2005 Business Directory and Resource Guide. Our intention is to provide our community with a complete resource guide that can be used by us as well as by mainstream Americans to learn about us and to find the goods and services that we have to offer. The Directory will not only have the listings of all the restaurants and grocery stores in Atlanta, but will also feature in-depth coverage of the various associations in our community, including background, history, key contacts, websites, photographs, as well as other important information. Much of the Directory will also be available for a global audience at our website at www.khabar.com.

We will include as much resource information as possible including important phone numbers, websites, long-distance calling codes for cities in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, guide to schools, immigration/consulate information, medicare/medicaid information. We want this Directory to be something our community can be proud of. Something you can give to your American friends and say, "You can find all the things you want to know about our community in this book."

It is no secret that our community is fragmented in so many ways. The Khabar Directory will serve to provide a single source of useful consolidated information that can be used by newcomers as well as the long time veterans. It is our aspiration that you will want to go thru every single page for its information and intrigue. We believe you will turn to it again and again for it's usefulness in helping you plan weddings, parties, find professional services and get valuable coupons to help you save money.

We will be printing over 30,000 copies of the directory. Everyone who is subscribed to Khabar magazine will receive the directory in the mail automatically for FREE. The remaining directories will be SOLD thru local retailers in order to avoid waste and duplication. If you are not subscribed to khabar, better do it soon! You can apply online at www.Khabar.com.

How Can You Help?

If you have any resource information that can be useful to our communities, please share it with us.���We would like the directory to be an on-going annual project that continues to get better and better. That can only happen with the support of the community it is trying to serve.���We need your participation in this ambitious venture! If you have a business or service that can benefit from advertising in the directory, we encourage you to take part.���We have advertising options which can fit any budget.��� For more information, please contact our offices at 770-451-7666 or email: Directory@khabar.com

Time is Runing Out!

Our deadline for new ads is August 31st.��� Please do not wait until the last minute to advertise.

Thank you for allowing us to make a difference.

- Rajesh Jyotishi

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