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Buzzes from Bollywood

January 2004
Buzzes from Bollywood

Amisha's stars

are ?Rising'


Amisha Patel's stars are rising and rising, so much so that she is on cloud nine these days! Reason: she has replaced Aishwarya Rai in Ketan Mehta's international project The Rising. What Amisha is actually thrilled about is that her co-star in the mega movie is Aamir Khan who plays freedom fighter Mangal Pandey. "It's like a dream come true for me as I have been Aamir's fan ever since I saw his first film," says the Gadar girl. An interesting story doing the rounds is that BBC played an important part in the actress bagging the plum role. Amisha had appeared in a segment of Question Time India where apparently the anchor Riz Khan was rather impressed by Ms Patel's IQ level, which eventually led to her being offered the much hyped film.

Of course, Amisha would have been nowhere in the picture had Aishwarya not behaved in an unprofessional manner. Ash reportedly wanted a stupendous hike in her fees after the deal had been struck, which led to an ugly controversy and ultimately her ouster from the prestigious project.

New kid on

the block


Talking of Amisha, there's a new kid on the Bollywood block ? Ashmit, Amisha's brother, till now famous only for his Amrita Arora connection. Incidentally, the two have now split! Well, it had to happen sooner or later. While his debut film Inteha may have flopped miserably, the good looking guy has his hands too full with work to be left with time for anything else. He's been signed up for the Bhatts' Murder. There is another unusual project in which both Amisha and Ashmit have been cast, but not as brother and sister. If insiders are to be believed, Ashmit dies and is reborn as Amisha in the movie! Vikram Bhatt, a close friend of the siblings, will be directing the reincarnation thriller.

Kajol may be back

as gangster


Kajol is so busy playing her real life role of mom to little Nysa (that's her daughter's name), that she probably is not even aware that Tanuja Chandra wants to cast her as a gangster in her new movie about female gangsters in Mumbai. Though the film will not be projected as one with an overt social message, the subtle undertones will reaffirm that those who live by the gun meet a sad end. Says Tanuja: " Ideally I'd love to have Kajol play one of the two main gangsters but I don't know whether she will agree to do it. I'm going to approach her soon and am keeping my fingers crossed." Kajol was recently quoted as saying that she's just taking a "nappy" break from acting and that she'd be back if an exciting offer came her way. Well, let's just hope Kads finds Tanuja's film the perfect one for her comeback.

?D' is India's

first prequel


Only Ram Gopal Varma could have thought of this. He is now coming up with India's first prequel, D. "D will tell the story that came before Company," says Varma. It will have his new prot�g�, Randeep Hooda (better known as Sushmita Sen's current boyfriend) playing Ajay Devgan's part in Company. Company saw the protagonist Malik at the peak of his power. D will start with Malik's origins and will end where Company started. Varma adds that the entire cast will be changed in the prequel and all the characters except the one played by Vivek Oberoi will be there. And no, we don't know yet whether Urmila will sizzle in D or not!

While on Ramu, his Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon may not have gone down well with the audience but it seems to have set a trend of sorts among filmmakers. A film titled Banke Rahoongi Aishwarya is reportedly now in the pipeline!

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