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April 2004

Love In Nepal

Starring: Sonu Nigam, Fllora Saini, Jharna

Director: Rajat Mukherjee

Director Rajat Mukherjee (of ?Road' fame) has tried to interweave a love story with a murder mystery with disastrous results. Mini-wearing Maxi ( Fllora Saini) meets mad ad guy Abby (Sonu Nigam) in an ad agency called Madness, which could have defined the film better. Abby's way of functioning is threatened when Maxi (Fllora Saini) becomes Vice President ? Operations after the takeover of the agency by an MNC. Maxi hates Abby's attitude sparking off a fierce rivalry between the two, which extends to Nepal, where they go to shoot an ad film.

Once in Nepal, the inevitable happens. Maxi finds herself getting attracted to Abby but this blossoming love is nipped in its bud by the other woman Tanya (Nepalese actress Jharna) who swoops in on Abby and tries to seduce him. But Abby of course only loves Maxi and doesn't sway! Only, the next morning he discovers that Tanya has been murdered which provides the proverbial twist in the tale. The climax is a major disappointment. Also, the motive behind the murder seemed silly.

Will someone please tell Sonu Nigam to stick to singing. We'd rather remember him as a fantastic singer rather than a hopeless actor. Please take our advice, Sonu: Stay away from the big screen, acting is not your forte. Fllora as Maxi, looks pretty enough but that's about it. She has just one expression to convey different emotions like anger, disgust, love and exasperation.

The movie is shot mostly in Pokhara and the mountainous holiday spots of Mustang district but cinematographer Madhusudhan fails to capture the pristine beauty of these heavenly locales of Nepal.

Watch Love In Nepal only if you have been bitten by that bug called madness.

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Current Top 10 Movies

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3. Love In Nepal

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8. Agnipankh

9. Maqbool

10. Paap

- Gitanjali Chak & Rajnish Sharma

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