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Movie Review March 2003

March 2003
Movie Review March 2003



Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan


Boney Kapoor


SJ Suryah

Music Director:

Anu Malik

It?s a love story all right but with a difference. Hate blossoms more than love as the lead couple fight over silly things. They then break off, all because he commits the crime of staring at her navel! How novel! Simply put, Khushi is the story of how a boy and girl are in love with one another, but their own inflated egos, not snarling parents, play the troublemaker.

A common friend?s tragic love story brings them back, as they try to resolve their friend?s problems ? at a time when their own problems are more tragic than their friends! Boney Kapoor reportedly spent Rs. 2 crore for the picturization of just one song, the ?Tere Bina? number. You just wish he had paid at least one-forth of that amount in getting a good script. Honestly, the storyline is wafer thin. The story, narrated in the film by none other than Amitabh Bachchan, seems more like a collage of incidents assembled together. Yet, there?s no denying that the film does make you laugh at times, it also makes you cry and has several feel-good moments.

The camerawork is good. Undoubtedly what embellishes the catchy songs is their snazzy picturization, especially the Tere Bina number with its chic choreography by Ganesh Hegde. The Hai Re number choreographed by Prabhu Deva, has been interestingly shot in the US with the lead pair cavorting in weird get-ups.

Kareena Kapoor in the title role of Khushi is predictably her confident, spontaneous self. But it?s Fardeen Khan?s performance that?s a revelation. For an actor to leave a mark in a heroine-dominated film is not easy. But Fardeen does that with aplomb, his anglicised accent notwithstanding. Not only does he look good, he emotes well in the emotional sequences too. The guy is indeed maturing as an actor.

Finally, did we tell you that there?s nothing original about Khushi? Well naturally, it?s a remake of a South Indian film of the same name!

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